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Sogo 5 released

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Sogo 5 released
« on: August 22, 2020, 12:41:09 PM »
Sogo 5 has been released - https://sogo.nu/news/2020/sogo-v500-released.html

Centos6 is still supported - https://sogo.nu/support/faq/how-to-install-sogo-and-sope-through-yum.html

Updating my system from sogo4 to sogo5 went smoothly:

Create new sogo5 repository
Code: [Select]
db yum_repositories set sogo5 repository \
BaseURL 'http://packages.inverse.ca/SOGo/nightly/5/rhel/6/$basearch' \
EnableGroups yes \
GPGCheck no \
Name 'Inverse Sogo5 Repository' \
Visible yes \
status disabled

The install notes say to exclude gnustep-* from the epel repo.  The default SME instructions for the Epel repo include 'Exclude perl-Razor-Agent', so we'll add gnustep-* to that:
Code: [Select]
db yum_repositories setprop epel Exclude 'perl-Razor-Agent,gnustep-*'

Expand the yum template and clear the cache:
Code: [Select]
expand-template /etc/yum.smerepos.d/sme-base.repo
yum clean all

My system already had some gnustep packages installed from epel, so I forcefully removed them using rpm:
Code: [Select]
# list installed gnustep packages
rpm -qa gnustep-*

# remove them
rpm -e --nodeps gnustep-make gnustep-filesystem gnustep-base

Now update sogo (and reinstall gnustep dependencies):
Code: [Select]
yum --enablerepo=sogo5 update

Sogo webmail now appears to work but my mobile email using ActiveSync was not updating to reflect changes made in webmail.

It is possible that restarting the sogod service (service sogod restart) would have fixed this, but I did:
Code: [Select]
signal-event post-upgrade ; signal-event reboot

After rebooting, my phone appears to be sending and receiving email correctly, and respecting the 'mail days to sync' setting in the account configuration.

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Re: Sogo 5 released
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2020, 04:31:13 AM »
Nice..  :)
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