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SME 9.x Contribs / Re: I can not find software to install
« Last post by janet on Yesterday at 10:38:07 PM »
SME Server 9.x / Re: TLS failed: Could not create SSL socket -intermittent
« Last post by ReetP on Yesterday at 03:21:57 PM »
Couple of points here when eliminating things.

If we had lots of TLS/SSL receiving issues there'd be a pile of threads & bugs on it. But we don't.

So generally SME seems to be doing the right thing.

Next, message labs. I presume they send mail to lots of places...  we probably all send and receive messages via message lab servers without realising. So correctly confugured that seems OK.

So the answer most likely ends being somewhere inside your setup. Particular to your circumstances.

I also noticed this which you don't appear to have previously mentioned

2) The timeout problem goes both ways - receiving and also sending

Hmmmmm. You only mentioned receiving before??


Question: Can we disable TLS temporarily and observe? How? Is this a bad idea?

Disable it between message labs and SME indeed. Won't hurt as it is internal.

And remember, your encryption really guarantees nothing in terms of security because you can only control one 'hop'. After a mail goes off your site any upstream server could send it without an encrypted connection...... and that applies to received mail too.

The only real guarantee of security is pgp.

I'd go check and remove any unnecessary templates & settings just to eliminate issues.

Having seen the send failures I suspect an issue with message labs.

Try something like this to test the connection.

SME Server 9.x / Re: TLS failed: Could not create SSL socket -intermittent
« Last post by mmccarn on Yesterday at 12:47:45 PM »

The test tool is only looking at your domain's MX records... which all point to messagelabs (obviously!) -- so it can't tell you anything about the SME server itself. Sorry for the red herring...

You would need a domain with an MX record pointing directly at the SME server for the luxsci tool to tell you anything useful.

To directly answer your question - no, I don't think a problem with messagelab's MX 20 server can be related to the issues you're having getting email from messagelabs delivered to your SME server.
SME 9.x Contribs / Re: I can not find software to install
« Last post by ReetP on Yesterday at 11:34:46 AM »
Sorry but your translation makes no sense so we cannot help you
SME Server 9.x / Re: TLS failed: Could not create SSL socket -intermittent
« Last post by biogenic on Yesterday at 11:32:31 AM »
This TLS test tool from a messagelabs competitor might provide useful information: https://luxsci.com/smtp-tls-checker

Thanks for the tip, results seem good to me,
except for MX priority 20 results, is that cause for alarm?
Code: [Select]
MX Priority: 10
SMTP TLS Enabled? Yes
TLS Certificate for: mail414.messagelabs.com
TLS Certificate Verifiable? Yes
SSL v3 Off? Yes
TLS v1.0 Supported? Yes
TLS v1.2 Supported? Yes
TLS v1.3 Supported? No
Weak Ciphers Off? Yes
NIST 800-52r2 Cipher Support? Yes
LuxSci SecureLine Compatability? Yes

MX Priority: 20
Error: Connection failure.
In addition, for the firewall:
We have turned off all SSL inspection on the firewall, opened SMTPS on the firewall (previously only port 25).
However, the intermittent errors still occur with the same frequency.

We will check with Messagelabs next week.

Is there anything else we should check on our side or SME-server?
Thanks a lot!
SME 9.x Contribs / I can not find software to install
« Last post by mgb on Yesterday at 08:20:57 AM »
I can not find software to install.
A principle is also a
Powerful SDN for a 4-line router is nested in the organization, and the barber the local network is not a key-width network through built-in backup.
Ideas are welcome.
SME Server 9.x / Re: Migrate directly from 7.6 to 9.0 or go through SME 8.0 first?
« Last post by ReetP on August 10, 2020, 06:49:40 PM »
Personally I'd suspect your machine is not long for this world.

I would:

From your comments, stop writing lengthy posts, and start using the time to start your migration now...... 7.x is dead. No one is going to help you fix it.

Disconnect the server from the world.

Take a full backup urgently. Probably two.

Shut the server down and keep the PATA drive as another backup but don't use it.

Fire up your new machine (and preferably with 2 drives in a mirror, and note comments elsewhere here on the problems with using desktop drives over 1Tb in RAID) install v9 and restore.

I'd get a move on in your shoes.

You can fix other issues like mail once you've upgraded.
Français / Re: SME et choix RAID5 ou RAID1...
« Last post by STRyk on August 10, 2020, 05:22:14 PM »
Personne n'a d'idée sur cette dernière question ?
SME Server 9.x / Re: Migrate directly from 7.6 to 9.0 or go through SME 8.0 first?
« Last post by janet on August 10, 2020, 03:37:52 PM »

One issue at a time....

The USB drive is probably FAT, you need to format it to ext3, then the backup may work & finish.
Let us know the outcome.
If that works continue on...

Before running the backup disconnect the SME server machine from the Internet, so there is no mail downloading activity etc, & let the server quieten down in activity.
You can retrieve/download any outstanding mail on the new server.

My suggestion would be to build your new SME 9.x server on the new hardware by installing the OS from CD first, & then use the restore from USB disk via the method of copying the backup file to the hard drive of the server.
See this Howto.

Doing things this way will in effect let you do a trial run (which you should do anyway for such a big change in versions), if it works OK, then you can switch over to using the new hardware & restored server.

If things do not work right eg no restore & so on, then you can revert back to using the sme7.6 server temporarily until you/we resolve your problems.

You will need to reinstall any Contribs you currently use, so check they are available for SME9.x.
If not available then be prepared to do without them.

All data & server config etc should be transferred in the backup & restore processes, including data for compatible contribs.

first SME is EOL in 3 months. Just wait for SME 10 to be at least RC in the next 2 months

Second thumbdrive is usually not a good idea with backups and i kind of remember that with sme backup it sometime is not able to finish backup. Use a powered drive please.

Of course i would advise to make tests on a test system but migrating to last version should do. Just not tried in our test, bit migrate scripts are mostly just added.

Thing is, if I do install SME Server 8 over the existing Server 7.6, will the emails still be there and readable under SME Server 8?

edit: Incidentally, I have been having a LOT of problems with the old system.  For one thing, periodically it stops responding to the email programs.  I wind up rebooting the machine from the SME Server web-interface, and maybe it goes back to responding to the email programs.  The machine will also periodically stop collecting emails from my webspace provider's mail service.  I can go to there and check, and it might have a day's worth of them accumulated that it hasn't collected.  I can then reboot the machine and maybe it will start collecting the mails again, a few hours after the reboot.  I don't know if something is going wrong with the drive, or the machine, or if some program simply crashes every now and then.  It used to do this lunacy only every now and then, say, once every couple of months or something.  Now it seems to be doing this a LOT.  Like every DAY.

And then there are times when it stops responding to the web-interface altogether, either.  I simply get a cannot-be-reached when I go to the web interface.  I then have to go to the keyboard interface (via the KVM switch) log in from there and invoke Init 6 from there to reboot.

I'm purely speculating here, but it's possible the drive might be failing.  The machine reboots fine, from the monitor screen (via KVM switch) I can watch it go through the process of booting, with a flurry of doing this.... [OK] doing this next thing... [OK] and so on, with everything showing [OK] all the way up to presenting the login prompt.  Trouble is, even after a reboot, today, I can't seem to get it to let me read new mails.  Sometimes I have to initiate several consecutive reboots before it finally goes back to letting me pull up new mails.

I've also tried initiating a Reconfigure from the Reboot Or Shutdown pane of the web interface.  My understanding is that a Reconfigure is a more sophisticated, more comprehensive sort of reboot where, if the machine was left in an unknown state -- say, because a lightning storm shut off the power to the machine, so it didn't do a proper shutdown -- the Reconfigure, so I understood, is what you're supposed to do so it analyzes what didn't get shut down properly last time, or whatever, and corrects it, before going back to normal operation.  Today, I've tried initiating a Reconfigure two or three times.  I was expecting it to then restart the machine within a few moments, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything of the sort.  It just keeps doing lots of disk activity, but never actually reboots.  Eventually I give up and issue a regular Reboot from either the web interface or from the command line (that is, from keyboard via the KVM switch after logging in there as Root) and can then watch it go through the normal reboot process all the way back to the Login prompt.  But then I find I still can't pull up my emails.

Have I misunderstood what a Reconfigure command actually is?

In any event, my other issue is.... this is an OLD machine.  It's using PATA.  I have a new drive, ready for use with whatever newer machine I might use once I've gone to SME 9 or 10, but the new drives are all SATA, which the old machine can't read.  (I could buy a PATA-to-SATA adaptor, but I'm told those are unreliable sometimes.)  I COULD image the old drive onto a SATA, but then I'd have to either use an adaptor, on the old machine, or go to the newer machine earlier than I had intended.

The point I'm making is, I'm not sure I can wait the couple of months for version 10 of SME to get to RC status before migrating to a newer-than-7.6 version and/or to a new machine.

I also have NO way of knowing what might actually be going wrong under the hood of the current machine, all I know is it just stops responding sometimes.  And then eventually, after much cajoling, and rebooting, and hurling space-opera cusswords at it... it eventually goes back to responding to the email programs and to collecting the mails from my webspace provider, for a day or so.  This is driving me batty.

I'm also operating under the theory that maybe some of the programs on my machine got corrupted somewhere along the line, but that updating to version 8 for the time being (before then preparing to move to 9 or later on another machine), the fact that it's a fresh install of all the (newer-then-7.6) system, maybe everything will settle down and just flipping WORK for a good while instead of flaking out on an increasing regularity.
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