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L'idée serait de créer un CD ou DVD d'installation de SME 9.2 avec les dernières mises à jour afin de pouvoir installer un server "rapidement" avec à la fin un script de configuration.
Est il possible de recréer ce CD ou DVD de boot de façon à tout installer comme il est possible avec le CD d'origine ?
Merci par avance.
SME Server 9.x / Multi-Drop Email
« Last post by p-jones on Yesterday at 11:32:43 PM »
Was hoping someone might be able to point me to the current rules for collecting mail from from a 'catchall' mailbox for a multi-drop environment. I looking specifically for Ports, SSL/TLS etc.

I have read this somewhere historically and I know that there were changes in V9.2 but now I search for it I cant find it. I need it in a hell of a hurry !

Some clever b******  (not me - I not clever) in a NFP I support decided that the middle of a lockdown was a good time to change hosting providers. I dont know if changing the MX record is going to be an option any more !!

Thanks in advance
Good news then!

You haven't added an interface, just a route.


Code: [Select]
Thanks a lot for the help!
It works!!!
Although I can't understand how - the 'ifconfig" output does not contain anyone of 192.168.1.X addresses at all.
But again, everything work really fine.
I wish the corona virus could be overcome as fast as my problem! :-)
Be healthy all of you!
Go to your remote server manager, Security, Local Networks

Add your 192.168.1.x network in there

It should be OK.
Thank you, mmccarn.
Sorry for my stupidity...:-)
My first error is that I missed that my office SME (the only one here, I don't have another at home) has no address in 192.168.1.X subnet! Therefore it can't reach the device by itself.
 And I can't find a way to add it from the server-manager. Should I do this manually?
I don't know if there's a way to do this inside the openvpn-bridge config, but this should also work:

Configure as a new 'local' network on your home SME server, with the Router set to the 192.168.50.X ip address of the office SME server.

In /server-manager -

- select 'Local networks' on the left
- click 'Add Network'
- Network address:
- Subnet mask:
- Router address: (assuming this is the LAN IP of the office SME server)

caveats -
* This won't work if you have defined at home, too
* This assumes that the SME servers are the default gateways for both offices
SME 9.x Contribs / Re: Email from noreply@letsencrypt.org
« Last post by ReetP on April 02, 2020, 12:35:25 AM »
Always better to manually change and check/test.


Set to 2 or auto
Set status to test
Generate knew v2 test certs
If test is ok set back to enabled, console save, and generate new certs.

Run a cleanup.

dehydrated -gc I think

Note the comments if you have issues

Don't keep trying if you have a failure or they will block you for a while.
SME 9.x Contribs / Re: Email from noreply@letsencrypt.org
« Last post by calisun on April 02, 2020, 12:22:21 AM »
Sorry, I missed a line of code on my original post.
After I did yum Update, I did:

Code: [Select]
config setprop letsencrypt API 2
signal-event console-save

What I was unclear about is, are all my domains (submitted a while back under API 1) will they be automatically transferred to API 2, or do I have to re-submit them?
Hello, all.
In my office I run SME v9.2 in the subnet 192.168.50.X. But there in the office is a special embedded device which has address. It is accessed from within the office simply by computers having the second IP address in this 192.168.1.X subnet.
Now, because of the corona virus I am forced to work from home.
I built the VPN using openvpn-bridge and it works fine - I can fully access the 192.168.50.X subnet.
But all my attempts to access fails.
I will be very thankful for a hint how is it possible to implement.
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