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SME Server 9.x / Re: Hard drive failure - can’t boot!
« Last post by ReetP on Yesterday at 10:30:03 PM »
Always throws me.... !
SME Server 9.x / Re: Hard drive failure - can’t boot!
« Last post by Jean-Philippe Pialasse on Yesterday at 07:22:51 PM »
Usually you configure both mbr with hd(0,0) to be able to remove the other drive.

For that the wiki grub page is wrong, as it let think sdb should use hd(1,0) which would fail on first hdd removal and boot on one single drive

Also new disk has to be attached as 2nd one on first boot ;) when adding it.
SME Server 9.x / Re: Hard drive failure - can’t boot!
« Last post by ReetP on Yesterday at 03:34:06 PM »
Following up on my earlier... if I remember correctly.

When grub installs it uses references to physical drives. The first drive is hd0 and the first partition hd0,1 etc.

If your 1st drive fails do not just disconnect it and expect the server to boot as it most likely won't.... the 2nd drive will become the 1st drive and grub can then get in a muddle with drive numbering.

Either leave the old drive connected and hopefully the BIOS will at least know there is a drive there and number them accordingly and it will run with the array degraded, or the better option is to replace it with a new drive.

(I got in a knot like this myself once)

If it still won't boot with either the old drive in place or a new drive in place then you as per JPs suggestion you will need to use the repair option from the install disk.

- booting arch from a USB, then fdisk -l shows all the mountable raid partitions (ext3), if the working and failing drives are connected.

So an emergency boot disk can read all the partitions on both drives?

So exactly what error did you have on the first failed boot? Just a flashing cursor, or had you disconnected the first drive? Any other errors at all - eg smart failures, bios errors at startup etc?

I'd suggest not to touch mdadm yet - that could just exacerbate the issue. If you can get it to boot on one drive, it will run as a degraded array - not good but will allow you to work, add another drive to the array etc.

SME Server 9.x / Re: Hard drive failure - can’t boot!
« Last post by Jean-Philippe Pialasse on Yesterday at 02:27:00 PM »
You can use sme install disk to repear the mbr /install grub on the good drive.

All is in the wiki.

Warning, as i experienced it myself. Ir can be very easy to choose the wrong disk as the good one to use.
First as pointed by janet, both could be damaged, and if not, as theyr have the same age the second will be soon.
Second, sometime it is the most damaged that was kept in the array. I have experienced mounting the one thought to be the one in best shape and it was in fact the one that has been out of sync for the longer time. I was then happy to have backup otherwise i had lost a week or so of modification because the faulty drive have been discarded before i realised.

So as soon as you are able to boot on each disk and have them labelled to be able to recognised them, first have a look on message log or another recgnizable file to see which one has run the last in production. Sometime this is the bootable one sometime the other.

Side note, what is the history of this server? Sme should install grub on both disk, if not we need to fix that, and to do so we need to be able to reproduce your issue
Français / Re: Installation openfire 4.3.0-1 - pas de cnx mysql
« Last post by ReetP on Yesterday at 01:36:24 PM »
My suspicion was they haven't updated their documentation yet - typical developers.... !!

It is possible to run the existing mysql side by side with mysql55 from Software collections so it is worth a go to test.


If that works then the wiki needs updating
Français / Re: Installation openfire 4.3.0-1 - pas de cnx mysql
« Last post by mmccarn on Yesterday at 11:59:39 AM »
I found this bug on stackoverflow talking about the same problem (openfire 4.2 works, but 4.3 can't talk to mysql):

In that bug the response points out that openfire 4.3 upgraded the jdbc mysql connector and suggests you might get openfire 4.3 to work by replacing the jdbc jar in 4.3 with the same file from 4.2.

The detailed error message from the stackoverflow report mentions "mysql-connector-java-8.0.12.jar"; I found this note on the mysql jdbc connector saying the minimum mysql version is 5.5:
Ahhhh - that explains a bit then.

OK, I think you really need to get rid of the old PHP 5.5 packages and install them from the correct remi-safe repo (and actually switch to 5.6 while you are at it)


I am wondering if you add the remi-safe repo and update if yum will know to update your PHP packages.

You seem to have this installed:


My latest from remi-safe seems to be:


Note the difference - php-common-5.5 vs php55-php-common

You also seem to have php55 packages as well according to your comment:

"yum install smeserver-php-scl php54-php-pecl-dbase php55-php-pecl-dbase php56-php-pecl-dbase php70-php-pecl-dbase php71-php-pecl-dbase --enablerepo=remi"

Did you install smeserver-php-scl as well?

Methinks you have a right pickle there.

Can you paste the output of this so we can see what you have installed:

Code: [Select]
/sbin/e-smith/audittools/newrpms |grep php
Thanks for your reply.

I had the the first release SME9 x64 and this was before PHP Software Collections was available.
I had to install PHP55 as per a bug fix and also https://wiki.contribs.org/Upgrade_php/mysql.
Code: [Select]
/sbin/e-smith/db yum_repositories set remi-php55 repository Name 'Remi-php55 - EL6' BaseURL 'http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/6/php55/$basearch/' EnableGroups no GPGCheck yes GPGKey http://rpms.famillecollet.com/RPM-GPG-KEY-remi Visible yes Exclude php-horde-horde status disabled
signal-event yum-modify
yum --enablerepo=remi-php55,remi,epel update php\* mysql-server
Then I was able to install phpMyAdmin_remi as below:
Code: [Select]
yum install --enablerepo=epel,remi,remi-php55,stephdl smeserver-phpMyAdmin_remi
The only other thing on the server that seems to use php55 is for php to access dbase files and installed is the following:
Code: [Select]
  273  yum install smeserver-php-scl php54-php-pecl-dbase php55-php-pecl-dbase php56-php-pecl-dbase php70-php-pecl-dbase php71-php-pecl-dbase --enablerepo=remi
I should just be able to set the iBay to PHP55 using Software collections for this.
I have investigated rolling back the php55 and found this:
Re: Reverting PHP version?
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2014, 02:08:34 AM »

A better way that is typically used to remove newer packages & revert to standard packages, is to use
rpm -e --nodeps packagename1 packagename2 packagename3

then do
yum install packagename1 packagename2 packagename3
signal-event post-upgrade
signal-event reboot

so that current standard package versions get installed
« Last Edit: November 22, 2014, 01:44:21 AM by janet »
I did a yum remove php-common to se what would be reomved and there would be 56 packages removed.
I haven't proceeded with it yet as it may break the server.
I have opencart installed in one iBay as my online shop. Version
I have also written an on-line jobs management system in php on another iBay.
So do I need to re-insall php-common so it version 5.3.3-49?

First you had better tell us what else you have got installed.

You have PHP 5.5 - how/why ?

That version is now EOL and probably should not be used in any event - minimum is really PHP 5.6 (The installed PHP 5.3 is maintained by RH for security fixes)

Note the correct package for PHP 5.5 would actually be php55-php-mcrypt

You also seems to be showing you have an odd repo installed:

Installed: php-common-5.5.17-1.el6.remi.x86_64 (@remi-php55)

How did you set up the remi-php55 repo? You should be using remi-safe.


Or use the add-on here:


So please go back and tell us some history. You may need to remove some packages and then install the correct ones, but first we need to know how you got to this point so you don't go breaking things.
Français / Re: Installation openfire 4.3.0-1 - pas de cnx mysql
« Last post by ReetP on Yesterday at 12:50:46 AM »
I redid the same procedure with the version 4.2.3

It works.

SME 9.2 does not seem compatible with the latest version 4.3


Doesn't seem that MySQl is trhe issue


"Make sure that you are using MySQL 4.1.18 or later (5.x recommended)"

So the question is exactly WHAT is not compatible....

A quick search for your error:


Please have a read about the error, symptoms and things to test
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