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Title: Elections 2018
Post by: Jean-Philippe Pialasse on November 16, 2018, 04:21:24 AM
Elections 2018

Hello members of the SME community.

The time has come to elect the Board for the forthcoming year.

I would like first to thanks for their efforts two people who step out of the Board after few years working hard to keep things together : Michael Doerner and Dan Brown. Michael has been for years an important contributor from New-Zealand and has offered a lot to SME, and will keep providing a local mirror four our friends in the South side of the Pacific. I am pretty sure that Dan will keep also helping around

As we have experienced in the last years we have a lot of good ideas, but we miss the people to code them in a short time as we only account on free spare time of only few community members. We are a community driven distribution. Currently no one is paid to do the work. All people working on SME are volunteers. If only one people steps in, the task is huge and nothing will be done. Currently John Crisp has step in with Terry Fage in order make things happen, but they will need more help. Mark Phillips from Mophilly, Michel-André from Micronator and Michael McCarn have already responded to give a hand. IF you want Koozali SME 10 to happen, we will need even more people testing, finding bugs, and trying to fix them. Thank you for those who already popped in !

Donations keep coming - we have enough to keep the infrastructure running. As last year, we would love to make a few fund-raising in order to be bale to pay for some development, but we would need more hands in order to make it happen. In other words if you would like to help Koozali, and do not feel to be able to help by coding, maybe you could be a fit to become our new chief fundraiser.

I would like to thank you all board member and all contributors for their hard work during the last 12 months. Also thank you for all the donators, and all members of the community helping each others through the forum and mailing lists. If you have spare time please consider joining us on the board.

You do not have to be a coder to help. The Board is there predominantly to oversee the finances of Koozali SME Server.  Also people skilled in communication would be a perfect match on the board to help developing the community.

Next Year will be about SME10 advancement. The development is again a community effort, so do not hesitate to step in and help in anyway : testing, scouting bugzilla for forgotten NFR with code attached, making patch... We are here to assist you ! Even if you do not know how to code, you can learn, and we can help there !


To keep things simple I intend to run the Election as we did last years. Vote will stay open for 15 days as stated in the by-Laws, running until December 1st 00:00 east time.

To keep the process simple the list of current members wanting to continue is proposed in a separate post, and if you agree with the list then you could follow up with a Subject line of "Vote".

On this basis we make the assumption that you are voting for one of the listed Nominees.

If there is anyone who does not agree with re-election of the nominated people, then please state in a follow up to this post and we will have to separate it out.

If you wish to stand for election yourself then please start a new post with a title of "Nominee - Your Name" and write a little about who you are and why you should be elected.

If more than 9 people stand, then we will split it into individual votes and work from there.

Please DO NOT use any of the threads to try and make political capital etc or start long debates. Any such threads will be removed and the user banned. Please just VOTE or NOMINEE and nothing else.

Best regards

Title: Re: Elections 2018
Post by: Jean-Philippe Pialasse on December 05, 2018, 10:11:44 PM
Elections are now closed for this year. Our thanks to all those who voted.

There were a total of 16 votes in favour of the whole list and 1 null.

The Board will be constituted as voted for in the forthcoming year.

    Daniel Berteaud (dani or VIP-ire)
    Nicolas Candelier (kankan)
    John Crisp (ReetP)
    Jean-philippe Pialasse (unnilennium or jppialasse)
    Terry Fage (TerryF)
    Greg Zartman (gzartman)

Best regards

Jean-Philippe Pialasse

Koozali Foundation Inc.