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Title: SME Server 7.4 & SME Server 8.0beta3
Post by: byte on September 16, 2008, 11:41:28 PM
We are pleased to announce SME Server 7.4 & SME Server 8beta3

http://mirror.contribs.org/smeserver/releases/7.4/iso/i386/ - 7.4 (based on CentOS 4.7)

http://mirror.contribs.org/smeserver/releases/testing/8/iso/i386/ - 8.0 beta3 (based on CentOS 5.2)

Please, please any issues (especially with SME Server 8.0beta3 as this is an early beta release) report to our bug tracker under the SME Server 8 section.

- Mirrors will take 4-6 hours to sync fully.
- Upgrades from 7 to 8 are still being worked on and might not work correctly yet.
- Also no contribs will be released for 8.0 until we get to the RC status.


SME Server Team

Edited 12/20/2008: 7.4 is now released and SME8 is now beta3.  Subject and links updated.