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Title: Script for adding users "nx-sme-adduser"
Post by: A on May 17, 2003, 11:30:19 PM
Dear All,

This script for ading users is werry helpfull. But I have strange situation after using it. I run script and everything was ok until the last user "paulius". Script ended with
error complaining about last user. When I went to sme server manager and looked in users account last user "paulius" was there but he cannot get e-mail, even connect to mailbox. So I tried to delete this user using sme server manager. It deleted user but with errors. Now in sme server manager there is no user "paulius". But when I try to add it in sme server manager I get an error:
"Error: the account "paulius" can't be created because there is already a user-deleted account of that name"

How can I delete or create this account? Where I have to look and for what I have to look?

Thanks for any answer.

You can find this scrip at http://www.neddix.de/
Title: Re: Script for adding users "nx-sme-adduser"
Post by: Michiel on May 18, 2003, 06:49:54 PM
Run from the command-prompt: /sbin/e-smith/db accounts delete paulius and everything should be fine again.