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isp rpm

stephen noble

isp rpm
« on: August 25, 2000, 11:14:34 AM »
sorry if this turns up twice

i'm making a rpm for myself to suit the requirements of my site, and maybe
others, it seems a common  question how to modify dialds behaviour

i want a simpler interface
a preset connection from say 10pm to 1am with a page in e-smith-admin that
allows you to change these times
and an option for connecting at other times via a web button in e-smith-admin
and other things like an option of mailed notification of on each dialup
and changing fetchmail to pickup mail each minute when ppp is up

if i change some of the templates  rather than just adding fragments
do i use /etc/e-smith/custom-templates to put my changes in (and the unchanged
fragments), then if it something breaks a rpm -e will return the system to it's original

in diald.filter

lines that have
restrict 1:00:00 12:00:00 5 5 whatever

lower the connection

but do
restrict 8:00:00 * 5 5 whatever

make a connection
i could not make a connection this way after editing , did i have to restart diald or send it
a signal ?

alternatively i can send diald a FIFO to raise the line
but 'up' gives a disconnect 'idle' after 0.2m when diald.filter is basically
when 'force' remains connected
so use force ?

if i turn the modem off and send a force
an unforce doesn't stop diald trying to dialup and filling up the logs ?