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Dual channel with passive ISDN?

Pieter Köhne

Dual channel with passive ISDN?
« on: August 25, 2000, 12:18:00 AM »
I installed a Dynalink passive ISDN card in my e-smith box. Many thanks to Klaus Müller for his E-smith-ISDN-Howto. I had problems though, needed to compile the kernelmodules for this Winbond 6692 chipset based card. Thanks to Jospeh Morrison for is guidelines on howto set up a development environment on e-smith. I needed to add the kernel-source rpm to compile the kernel.

Everything works like a charm now, but one question remaines:

I like to add the feature of (load dependent) channel bundling. The isdn4linux faq mentions two possibilities (MPPP or raw bundling) but teh howt was acabadabra to me. Anyone a clue how to make this work in e-smith?