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e-smith in the name

Zachary W.

e-smith in the name
« on: August 23, 2000, 01:16:36 AM »
how do i get rid of that e-smith that pops up in the computer nams.

ok like i have a computer called rex
but when i am looking at it its called rex.e-smith.space-wise.yi.org

or for the dhpc uusers its more like pc001 (or somthing.e-smith.space-wise.yi.org

so how can i get it to no longer add in that e-smith tag?

i know you guys are proud of your system, but i would realy like to take this out

p.s it allso shows up in the e-smith-manager page
it gives evry thing that tag "http://www.e-smith.Space-Wise.yi.org/e-smith-manager" (ohya that dosnt work by the way even when i am in the local network i have to enter the ip addres of the computer but thats a problem for a nother time i gues)


Zachary W.