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Burning ISO images with Nero software

P Miller

Burning ISO images with Nero software
« on: August 17, 2000, 02:55:49 AM »
My eMachine uses Nero to burn CD-ROM ".iso" images.  However, in
 the current Nero version (5 or less) the parameters of the ISO file still
 have to be entered in the work around shown in steps 5 and 6:

    1.Nero start
    2.Open menu entry: File -> Burn CD image.
    3.Set the type of file: All files (*.*)
    4.Navigate to and select the ISO image file to be burned.
    5.You will be informed that Nero does not recognize the format of the
    6.In the dialog which then appears, set the following parameters.

        Type of image: Data Mode 1 (assuming that it is a Mode 1 image)

        Block size: 2048 Bytes (corresponds to the sector size of a Mode 1

        File precursor and length of the image trailer: 0 Bytes (assuming
        that the image file only contains ISO data and not other special
        information has been entered) no Scrambled (i.e. it is not an image
        which was especially created for old Philips CD Writer ) and
        no Swapped (assuming that the files contains the Bytes in the
        correct order.

         The settings are based on the assumption that it is a normal ISO
         Mode 1 image file. Check this by opening the file with a Hex
         Editor. For File-Offset 08000hex (corresponds to Block 16 where
         the  ISO ([p]rimary [v]olume [d]descriptor is saved). If there is a
         text there such as "CD001", then burning with this method
          should work.

    7.Now click on . .

This information was extracted from
http://www.nero.com/en/helptool/512.htm#o458 and verified by burning e-smith 4.0 to a CD-RW drive on a eMachine 533ir.   It was
used with an install floppy to successfully install e-smith 4.0 on a
 Dell Optiplex XMT 590  Pentium).  So it is is now working for me.
 Thanks for the help.

Hope this helps someone.