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Zachary W.

« on: August 17, 2000, 01:22:34 AM »

   Now I know I am probably trying to use E-Smith way past its intended use But it’s just so easy to use I don’t want to give it up and go with a bigger (harder to config) product.

K' here is what I am trying to do.
   My boss asked me to do something and didn’t care how it got done. Just that it got done (standard boss thinking) any way he wanted me to take are product (www.space-wise.com) and make it in to a ASP so are clients can use it over the net and not have to have a CD sent to them. Well ok got that done (YaY) only thing is are terminal server (witch runs the program) is behind the E-Smith system, so I thought I could just make a web page that points to it ya well that works kind of once you change some security here and there. Only thing is that the www server doesn’t like ASP forms on it or I should say it wont run them to send on instructions to the terminal server, I know I have been rambling so I will try to sum it up.

ASP will it, or how can I get it to work on a Linux based server (e-smith)

If you would like to take a look at what the hell I am talking about to make shore I haven’t not lost it (by now I don’t even know any more) then E-Mail me and I can send you a page I have setup at my home server (test bed) I would just post it here but well there is a problem with the security in the application that I made (kinda) in to the ASP in that it lets you see all files of the HD hehe I am working on that now L but any help at all with the Linux(e-smith) not liking asp would be a big help.


Oh sorry about the ramblings been at this for three day no sleep he wants to show it off Friday, so no sleep for me.