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Zachary W.

« on: August 09, 2000, 02:48:30 AM »
Hey i have a problem with @Home from at&t.
i have had this problem with evry roughter i have tryed.
evne a linksys hardware roughter.

it works fine for a few days then all of a suden it just get kicked off the
internet, and cant be reconected. E-Smith worked fine for the longest time
then bam, I can fix it by reinstalling most of the time. but i would like
to not have to do this. If any one coudl help that woudl be grate.

It will connect and then be dissconed off and on
this week alone it has bene down all the time but for breef
pireds of 30sec or so when it comes up then bam right back down.

Zachary W.

RE: @home
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2000, 02:55:25 AM »
oh i fogot to say that when i plug the connection in to a win98 box
and let it do it's thing it allways works fine
so i know its not in the wireing or in the connection.

I hope some one can hlep me with this
becouse i run 3 e-smith boxes on diffent @home connectiosn
and thay all have this problem

and at&t will NOT help any one trying to use linux letalone a roughter :-)