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Static NAT

David Metzler

Static NAT
« on: August 08, 2000, 07:48:43 AM »
I am evaluating your product for several of my clients. One requirement for some is that outside services (for example PCAnywhere) be allowed to connect to inside hosts. I saw no mention of that feature on your manual. Is it possible.
1. In the case of one static public address can a tcp and udp port be forwarded to a internal host say

2. If we get a block of 16 static ip address can there  be a mapping so
64.x.x.10 maps to and
64.x.x.11 maps to etc.
Now we can have multiple internal PCA hosts.

Is this feature available, planned?

Another possible solution Does ES serve as a VPN host?
I think I saw that as a future vision.