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No contribs.org or https://contribs.org but www.contribs.org does redirect

I was just checking in, but can not via https://contribs.org or contribs.org. I see www.contribs.org does redirect.

Just in case its only me, it may be something to do with my DNS, I did change my DNS  to the Free CIRA DNS for malware protection which seemed to be working well on my router and also pc, even though I am currently in Mexico instead of home in Canada . Being out of Canada it did not allow install to an Ipad to set up but presumably did on an Android cellphone. I guess if I want to install on an Ipad I will have to wait until I am able to return to Canada.


So I will watch to see if others are having trouble with just entering    contribs.org  or https://contribs.org .

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It may be due to the moves:


Someone will take a look - there may be some dangly bit still left that need fixing.
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dns were not migrated correctly

dns were not migrated correctly

Thank you, I'm glad it is not reason to give the additional malware, virus defense