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SME10 - The path

SME10 - The path
« on: April 15, 2020, 11:45:07 AM »
Trying to give some help but raising many doubts .....  :(
1) The in-place upgrade is planned for Sme10 ? This time, apparently the main-stream Centos supports the 6->7 in place upgrade.
2) The lack of RAID1 install without manual trick is a part of developement still "work in progress" or Anaconda&C in their new Centos 7 flavor make harder to manage the install process ?
3) Samba: my great fear is that M$ expels definitively SMB1 support. Path to SMB2 is a safe path or not and involves Samba4 ?
4) Samba again: RH/Centos killed Samba4 support, some package (SOGO 4) needs Samba4 (i suppose for AD integration, right ?). This implies that we (and all Centos users) will never be able to have SOGO4 working ?
5) Collaboration software: COVID jam raised bunch of requests for remote access to files. Presently all request satisfied with OpenVpn or remote access with various ssh tricks. People are obviously interested with Google Tools, Teams, Flack and their related cloud storages. Which is the role that we can think for our SME in this new game ?
These are the first thoughts.
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Re: SME10 - The path
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2020, 01:01:26 PM »
1) 6->7 in place upgrade has been abandoned (they are promising one from RHEL7 to RHEL8)

3) mine too, however Samba 4 needs maxprotocol SMB1 in order to work with Windows 10, so...

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Re: SME10 - The path
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2020, 09:39:50 PM »
I think there are some misapprehensions here.

I have said this several time before, and I will say it again - the best place to talk about development is on Rocket.

We can help and guide you there and then, and discuss these issues.

Inplace - it is a case of time. If you come and help then we might have a better chance. The real block was on RHEL 5-6 because RedHat changed things with RPMs making in place extremely difficult. I don't believe there is an 'official ' pronouncement on RHEL 6-7 as yet

RAID - again, talk to us. It is very difficult and we are few. The more you help the more likely we are to fix things..... it is up to YOU.

RHEL 7 has Samba 4. It can support old NT domain style logons and SMB1 etc. The issue was trying to provide AD. But RHEL seem to have now dropped that in RHEL 8. S4 will provide SMB v3 which is what Win 10 really wants (it does NOT want SMBv1 - that is a hack to make it work with Samba 3).

Sogo - as is often the case we can't be entirely held to blame for the requirements of other packages. I'd guess that is RHEL 8 drops S4/AD then Sogo will have a problem on their hands that they will have to resolve themselves.... We have bigger things to worry about right now....

Collaboration. There are lots of tools you can use on SME. The limit really is your imagination and skill set.

Again. Come and talk to us. We do not bite. And people who do talk tend to get heard, and helped. The choice is yours.
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Re: SME10 - The path
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2020, 08:47:39 PM »
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