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Connection to NBN in bridged mode

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Re: Connection to NBN in bridged mode
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2020, 10:39:15 PM »
My ISP in Australia required VLAN tagging for my FTTC NBN connection. I suspect that TPG also require this. It is required for the data connection.
My setup uses a separate tp-link C7v5 router/ap with OpenWRT installed for the firewall/AP/Wireguard VPN with my SME in server only mode. The tp-link device handles the required vlan processing.

Re: Connection to NBN in bridged mode
« Reply #16 on: May 21, 2021, 11:43:40 AM »

if i may drop in here, though dunno if im useful ?

i too have an aussie NBN FTTC NCD connection.

the NCD is indeed a modem using vDSL over 1 pair of copper, reverse powering the DPU in the pit or on the pole on the street.

the LAN side of the NCD is a bridged ethernet connection.

i dont have any "telco supplied" modem or router.

to prove a point, if i plug my laptop (dhcp) into this NCD LAN port i can access the internet without any authentication.

however, i usually have the NCD LAN port plugged into a ubiquiti UDM WAN port (so theres the gateway / firewall) and then the rest of my internal network via the UDM's LAN ports 1 - 4 (so theres the routing ) of managed switches & wifi ap's  machines etc).   

the UDM's WAN port also accesses the internet without any authentication.

a quick look on the inside of my UDM WAN configuration certainly indicates "DHCP ipv4" and its working fine  as usual.

in anticipation of deploying a fresh instance of koozali sme v10 ive requested and received a static WAN ip from my isp.

as expected all the same tests above are fine, i can still access the internet via NCD LAN without any authentication.

my intended sme server has 2 x gbit LAN ports, configured as normal ETH0 = int / ETH1 = ext.   

for setup & testing i isolate my LAN fully from the NCD, i connect the sme server ETH1 to the NCD LAN (remember this is a known working bridged ethernet service and should see the internet), i connect a dumb 8 port switch to the sme server eth0, then my laptop to the dumb 8 port switch (dhcp there from the sme) for setup & proving via means of web & telnet (putty).

it would seem reasonable to expect that a sme console initiated internet test would pass on ETH1 ?

but it doesnt..... !

what went wrong ?