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Email log

Email log
« on: January 08, 2019, 01:02:28 AM »
I saw the statistics from the server-manager and, on a server installed in 2014, I find something that I do not understand ...

Completed messages: 85591
Recipients for completed messages: 90388
Total delivery attempts for completed messages: 90439
Average delivery attempts per completed message: 1.05664
Bytes in completed messages: 11827386633
Bytes weighted by success: 12434510754
Average message qtime (s): 5.96127
Total delivery attempts: 90442
  success: 90391
  failure: 0
  deferral: 51
Total ddelay (s): 652703.207145
Average ddelay per success (s): 7.220887
Total xdelay (s): 45476.878381
Average xdelay per delivery attempt (s): 0.502829
Time span (days): 4238.72
Average concurrency: 0.000124177

Is it my impression or something is not as it should be?
This server will be dismounted soon ...  :-x  but I would like to understand ... :grin:
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