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Primary Domain, Email blocked as Spam and Roundcube (!)

Primary Domain, Email blocked as Spam and Roundcube (!)
« on: December 15, 2018, 10:59:55 PM »
I wondered if I can ask for some help.

I currently have SME-Server set up on my LAN as a local mail server, collecting external mail and distributing to local users.

The primary domain is configured as mediaxxxx.local with virtual domains added to reflect our internet web sites and email.  ie mediaxxxx.co.uk

However we're starting to get outgoing email blocked as spam, I think because of the mediaxxxx.local server name.

To try and get around this, I reconfigured the primary domain to mediaxxxx.co.uk in the hope it would help the email get through.  However the upshot was that Roundcube then promptly refused to accept user log ins.  Reverting back to the .local config recovered things.

So 2 questions:

1. Is it a good idea to configure the primary domain to mediaxxxx.co.uk when the web site and mail is handled else where (external server)

2. If it is, how might I get roundcube to work (I've uninstalled, deleted the db using mysql etc.). One suggestion I read on here was that the DNS was getting confused as I'm using my ISP and Router for DNS(?) DHCP services.. 

Any help appreciated.



Server mode - server only
DHCP server - disabled