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Bugzilla Activity
« on: November 22, 2018, 11:18:22 PM »
You may have noticed a lot of activity around Bugzilla recently, mainly the moving to the cat NeedInfo with a note that it is looking to be closed if no activity..

Please do not think that your bug reports will be summarily dismissed without them being taken notice of.

It is just a way to try and sort out what to do with limited resources and try and close any that may have been resolved or that issue has benefited from an upstream fix and update.

The number of individuals available and more importantly those with the knowledge to spend time sorting out the what and how is limited and even more importantly the time they have available.

Recently and right now those individuals are at max capacity just fulfilling the requirements of their employment and personal lives, its just the way it is right now.

Bug housekeeping and Updated ISOs are priorities looking to the future

So bear with us, if you can contribute please do. As the pressures of work and life reduce, those far smarter than I, will be able to contribute more time.
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