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Bookkeeping: Phreebooks Update II

Bookkeeping: Phreebooks Update II
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:43:03 PM »
For some reason I seem to be unable to continue on from my post last year (Phreebooks Update 1). I was going to write the standard disclaimer ("I have nothing to do with said project" etc) until I realised it might be less than accurate as (1) I wrote quite a few HowTo's for the OpenSource project ~ 4yrs ago, and (2) I have been a mostly happy user for ~5-6 years.

Last year I pointed out the possibility that PhreeBooks would return to the OpenSource space and linked to a discussion on GitHub to that effect:

Well, Dave Premo has delivered. There are now three offerings to access this bookkeeping app.:
(1) $$Paid hosting - Bizuno (there is a FOC option). I really do have nothing to do with this. https://www.phreesoft.com/
(2) A WordPress plug-in. This looks interesting (not tried)
(3) PhreeBooks 5. The OpenSource app. There is now a nice demo. https://www.phreesoft.com/bizuno-demo/

I spent a few hours on Sunday playing with the PhreeBooks 5 demo and I like it. Remember, I have been using PhreeBooks 3.7 in production for years now - with no mishap. When I have some spare time, I will look to upgrade.

Now, the reason for my returning once again (despite the crickets I have been getting) is that:
- I know there are not many good bookkeeping solutions out there. I have tried loads. Anything 'FREE' makes me suspicious to start with.
- I use Xero for another situation and yet am planning to upgrade my PhreeBooks install.
- DP laid out what he was going to do 18 months ago and has now done it. Well done, I say.

If you are interested in an OpenSource bookkeeping app., I would recommend that you look at this along with others - I drew up a little history (with links) of OpenSource bookkeeping applications. It is still there, about half way down this page:

There is an old PhreeBooks install guide here, which might still be of some help (not needed for WordPress, of course):

If you do install either (2) or (3) above, I would love to hear how you get on.


I forgot to mention a few things
(a) My PhreeBooks 3.7 is running on Koozali SME server 9.2 (very happily indeed)
(b) with the advent of MTD (Making Tax Digital) in the UK, PhreeBooks, like VT Transaction (IMO reputed to be excellent $$paid but inexpensive bookkeeping software), might in the UK, now only be suitable for charities (who I believe may be exempt) and small companies with a turnover < VAT threshold (~£83,000).
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Re: Bookkeeping: Phreebooks Update II
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 02:10:33 PM »
I need to correct something:

MTD (Making Tax Digital) - obviously since I last read up on it, some of the bookkeeping software vendors who had refused to further develop their products to meet the needs of Government imposed MTD for automatic reporting of VAT (l assume, later to be for all reporting), have found a work around. This is great news. Specifically, I am talking about 'VT Transaction+' that I referred to above:

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