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Koozali SME Server 9.2 Beta1 Release Announcement

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Koozali SME Server 9.2 Beta1 Release Announcement
« on: October 16, 2016, 04:08:25 PM »
The Koozali SME Server (SME Server) development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 9.2 Beta1 which is based on CentOS 6.8

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised in the bug tracker (and only there, please);


You can download Koozali SME Server 9.2 Beta1 from
or for other methods see http://wiki.contribs.org/SME_Server:Download

In-place upgrades are not supported. It is necessary to backup and then restore.
/boot partition is always RAID 1.

The spare handling for RAID arrays is not implemented.

USB installs are now supported, see:

SME Server 9.2 Beta1 includes upstream updates and bug fixes and includes local fixes and additional feature requests.

Major Changes in this release:
- Updated all to Koozali branding.

Server Manager
- Allow access to the server-manager without SSL from the loopback
- Don't redirect to http when login in/out of the server-manager from localhost.

File Server
- added W10 support to SME Domain.

- Hook into the new ssl-update event.

Mail Server
- Allow reading SSL_version from the tls_protocols config file (and turn TLSv1 back on by default)
- Modify whitelist_soft transaction to interact with dnsbl filter
- Revert forcing TLSv1 patch as it breaks some inbound delivery
- Remove karma rcpt handling
- Check rua is defined before trying to parse it to prevent an error if a domain has a DMARC entry published with no rua
- Add support for the uribl plugin
- Add detailed spamassassin report headers.

Web Server
- Hook into the new ssl-update event
- Set TLSv1 back to enabled (but keep a prop to disable it if needed).

Other fixes and updates
- Correctly display http URL to the server-manager in the console
- Remove motd text from grub.cfg.
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