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SME Server 8.1 Beta 2 Release Announcement

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SME Server 8.1 Beta 2 Release Announcement
« on: October 15, 2013, 07:16:48 AM »
SME Server 8.1 Beta 2 Release Notes

14 October 2013

The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of
SME Server 8.1 Beta 2 which is based on CentOS 5.9

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised in the bug
tracker (and only there, please);


About SME Server

SME Server is the leading Linux distribution for small and medium

SME Server is freely available under the GNU General Public License and
is only possible through the efforts of the SME Server community.
However, the availability and quality of SME Server is dependent on
meeting our expenses, such as hosting costs, server hardware, etc.

As such, we ask for a donation to offset costs and fund further development.
a) If you are a school, a church, a non-profit organisation or an individual
using SME Server for private purposes, we would appreciate you to contribute
within your means toward the costs associated with hosting, maintenance and
b) If you are a company or an integrator and you are deploying SME Server in
the course of your work to generate revenue, we expect you to make a donation
commensurate with the level of revenue you generate and the number of servers
your have in the field. Please, help the project

Please visit http://wiki.contribs.org/Donate to donate.


The development team would like to thank all of those who have involved
themselves with this release.


1. CentOS 5 has dropped support for i586 and therefore SME Server 8.1
   will not work on i586 hardware. [See bugzilla:2845]. i586 hardware
   means processors before and including Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX;
   AMD K5, K6, K6-II, K6-III and Via C3. i686 architecture processors
   are Intel Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III; AMD Athlon,
   Athlon XP and later.

2. Some notes on SME 8.1 including help on upgrades can be found at

3. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for mirrors to finish syncing,
   during this time you may experience problems.
   You can download SME8.1 from
   or for other methods see http://wiki.contribs.org/SME_Server_8

Changes from Beta 1

nodmraid is now the default install option as many issues have been seen with
Installer warning updated to clarify all attached disks will be reformatted.
SME Server changes to initscripts included.
Replace vfs_shadow_copy with vfs_shadow_copy2 for shadow snapshots.
Updated to latest Antivirus, ClamAV, 0.98.
Added donation text and graphic to login page and server-manager.
Modules necessary to implement .htaccess have now been loaded by default.

Changes in this release

Packages altered by Centos, Redhat, and Fedora-associated developers are
not included.

- Workstation Backup allows the day of the week to be specified on which a
  full backup occurs. This now works correctly for all days of the week.
- To increase reliability of backups to a Microsoft Vista drive, a one second
  delay was added to the backup. This issue is not seen on the newer Microsoft
- Allow user setting of compression level for Desktop and Console Backups.
  For example: config setprop backupconsole CompressionLevel -6
  The default is -6, where -1 is fastest and -9 is optimal compression.
- In the console, under item 8, refer to removable media instead of USB
- After a restore from the console the post-upgrade event was not being
- Add an option to use Wake on LAN before starting Workstation Backup.
- Workstation Backup, report cifs mount errors.
- Workstation Backup, be compatible with destinations that include spaces.
- Workstation Backup, remove temporary directory on success .
- Workstation Backup, add a choice to delete old backup before or after

File Server
- Replace vfs_shadow_copy with vfs_shadow_copy2 for shadow snapshots.
- Add support for Windows 8 domain joining & user login with a new registry
- New optional samba property smb{WideLinks}, valid values are 'no' or 'yes'.
  The current samba default is 'no'.
  see http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/manpages-3/smb.conf.5.html#WIDELINKS
  For example to enable samba Wide Links
  # config setprop smb WideLinks yes
- Add windows network performance enhancements registry file that can help
  Windows slow logons.
- Two new optional samba properties smb{ServerMaxProtocol} &
  For example: # config setprop smb ServerMaxProtocol NT1
- Remove the samba_audit specific logrotate configuration which was causing an
  email to be sent to the admin every night.
- Enable smb auditing per ibay, it is disabled by default.
  Auditing is enabled via
  # db accounts setprop ibayname Audit enabled
  # signal-event ibay-modify ibayname
- Prevent emailing about the normal, weekly, checks of RAID arrays
- Update ServerName (Samba netbios name) when SystemName is updated
- Workaround a deficiency in the proftpd package where it does not handle long
  lines correctly in its configuration file. This caused FTP to fail when
  large numbers of local networks were configured.
- Ensure Deny from all is on its own line in 15LimitLOGIN

LDAP (Optional in SME 8.1, and considered experimental)
- Fix init-account script when LDAP auth is enabled.
- Fix group creation/modification when LDAP auth is enabled.
- The ldap.init script which starts just after the ldap service waits for
  slapd to be to available. The logic to check if slapd is ready was
- Add missing dependency on openldap-servers.
- The ldap log files can take significant space on servers with a lot of
  users. This update will ensure old BDB log files are removed.

- Latest translations included.

Mail Server
- Updated to latest Antivirus, ClamAV, 0.98.
- Fetchmail multidrop mode follows TCPPort setting.
- Avoid use of unitialised variables in smtp migrate fragments.
- Allow smtp_auth_proxy to use port 587 with STARTTLS.
- Due to SMTP servers not handling SMTP Auth well enable the use of a
  blacklist to remove the troublesome methods.
  For example to remove CRAM-MD5:
  # db configuration setprop smtp-auth-proxy Blacklist CRAM-MD5
  # sv t /service/smtp-auth-proxy
  More than one method can be removed:
  # db configuration setprop smtp-auth-proxy Blacklist "CRAM-MD5 DIGEST-MD5"
  # sv t /service/smtp-auth-proxy
- imap-relocate-maildirs action was removed.It was no longer necessary and was
  sometimes very slow.
- The soft memory limits for pop3 and pop3s were increased. Two new optional
  database properties pop3{MemLimit} and pop3s{MemLimit}
  For example to increase the memory limit
  # config setprop pop3s MemLimit 50000000
  # expand-template /var/service/pop3s/env/MEMLIMIT
  # config setprop pop3 MemLimit 50000000
  # expand-template /var/service/pop3/env/MEMLIMIT
- New optional qmail property qmail{ConcurrencyLocal} and default for
  /var/qmail/control/concurrencylocal changed to 20.
  For example to decrease the local concurrecny limit
  # config setprop qmail ConcurrencyLocal 6
- Modify domain style pseudonym pointing to user with dot in name.
- Accept messages with no body and no trailing \n after headers.
- Prevent email delivery failure with required updates for perl-Net-DNS and
- New optional spamassassin property spamassassin{MaxMessageSize} to allow for
  spamassassin qpsmtpd's plugin size limit to be changed.
  For example to also scan larger files
  # config setprop spamassassin MaxMessageSize 1500000
- Make CipherSuite secure by default and tls ciphers defaults to disallow
- Fix how qpsmtpd tags spam email.
- Add template to extend the functionality of SSL verified certificate to IMAP
  and SSMTP transactions
- Update ClamAV to release 0.97.8.
- Load TextCat plugin if ok_languages is enabled.

Server manager
- Added donation text and graphic to login page and server-manager.
- Do not load mod_ssl for httpd-admin as it is not needed and creates log
- If the browser used to access the server-manager used lower case for
  %escapes a blank screen would be shown. The server manager URL processing is
  now case-insensitive for %escapes.
- Fix more uninitialized warnings in log (httpd/admin_error_log) from HTML.pm.
- Remove log noise (httpd/admin-error-log) when accessing the Create Starter
  Web panel in server-manager

Webmail and Groupware

- If IMAP is disabled in the server manager email panel, IMAP will now listen
  to the loopback interface to allow webmail to function.
- Webmail no longer uses SSL over loopback interface.

Web Server
- Modules necessary to implement .htaccess have now been loaded by default.
- Disable index listing of Apache icons folder.
- PHP's magic_quotes are deprecated so should no longer be used. The php.ini
  will now have "magic_quotes Off" instead of fully removing it as the default
  is ON.
- Change wording of Software Update button.

Other fixes and updates
- Remove old System Name from the Hosts DB
- Fix warning in /var/log/messages by correctly initialising the relevant
  variable. The warning related to the HW Address of a NIC.
- user-modify-unix script could take many minutes, it has now been optimised
  to take only seconds
- The memory limit for pppoe was increased to 100Mb.
- On upgrading from SME Server 7 to SME Server 8 an email could be sent to the
  admin everyday due to a modified /etc/updatedb.conf file. This update
  ensures the correct /etc/updatedb.conf file.
- Updated SME root server template as D-root changed its IPv4 address on the
  3rd of January 2013.
- The console would crash when no value is entered as static gateway in
  servergateway(-private) mode. Improved error-checking in isValidIP()
  prevents this.
- Use file locking to make sure that only one copy of the masq script is
  running at any particular time.
- Add python-hashlib so we can read newer repodata signatures.
- Point mirrorlist to mirrorlist.contribs.org
- Increase memory limit for ntpd .

General features

- Based on CentOS 5.9 and all available updates

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