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Multiple Domains and Catchall

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Multiple Domains and Catchall
« on: August 07, 2013, 09:09:48 AM »
Good day Team

Please can you assist me.

I have a client using SME 8 Server Only

The client is using a catchall account from an isp to download his mail using the mail component of the sme 8 admin panel.
The ISP is hosting his website eg: client.org

On the sme 8 server  " Configuration / Domains " Panel I have the client's domain name eg: client.org with " Domain DNS Servers set as " Internet DNS Servers "

On the SME 8 Server the Current E-mail Settings have the Following Setup

E-mail retrieval mode =  multi-drop
SMTP authentication = Allow both SMTP and SSMTP
POP user account (for multi-drop) = webmaster@client.org
POP user password (for multi-drop) = isp catchall password
Select sort method (for multi-drop) = Default
Select sort header (for multi-drop) = Blank

On the SME 8 Server I have 30 User Accounts.
All the email accounts are working fine with no problems. That is for pop3 and smtp

My client has another New Website and Catchall Account with a Different ISP eg: newwebsite.org

The cient requires the SME 8 Server to collect all emails from this newwebsite.org catchall account.

My questions are the Following:

1. Do I Create the Domain Name " newwebsiite.org " on the SME 8 Server " Configuration / Domains " Panel and have the client's domain name eg: newwebsite.org with " Domain DNS Servers set as " Internet DNS Servers "
2. Can I install and use the Contrib " Domain pseudonyms " from dungog.net to "ADD " my Users to Receive Email for newwebsite.org
3. Do I install and use the Contrib " Mail retrieval " = Fetchmail to Download the mail from the catchall account for newwebsite.org
4. Some of the Users from the " client.org " domain also require emails from the newwebsite.org domain. How would I go about doing this?
5. Any other advice ?

Any help greatly appreciated  :-)