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Short term roadmap, 30th June 2013

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Short term roadmap, 30th June 2013
« on: July 01, 2013, 12:44:10 AM »
Progress towards SME Server 9 Beta 1 has slowed due to technical difficulties in modifying the installer (anaconda) to behave like SME 8. This is being addressed now but the new short term plan is as follows:

SME Server 8.1
This is responding to the concern that there are too many updates after an install of SME 8.0. That concern has been heard and it gives a poor first experience so there will be a SME 8.1 ISO soon. This will roll up all current updates and those in the process of verification. There are no blocking errors but there are 13 errors waiting for verification, see http://wiki.contribs.org/Verification_Queue
As SME 9  activity slowed down it did allow the development team to implement a large number of bug fixes for SME 8 that address numerous outstanding issues.

SME Server 9 Beta 1
Apart from the installer (anaconda) changes the current maturity is seen as good so it has been decided to release Beta 1 with the knowledge that the installer changes will be coming in Beta 2. The recent good work on SME 8 will be ported to SME 9B1 where appropriate before release. SME Server 9 Beta 1 will start release preparation as soon as SME Server 8.1 is finalised so there should not be much longer to wait.
Once SME Server 9 Beta 1 is out work can start on checking the contribs which are such a vital part of the community.
The release of Beta 1 will also allow the community to give feedback on what remains to be fixed in SME Server 9

SME Server 9 Beta 2
The timing of Beta 2 will be driven by the installer changes. The work on the installer will be independent of the people working on bringing out 8.1 and 9B1.

The SME Server 9 part of this roadmap can be seen at http://wiki.contribs.org/SME9.0_Roadmap

Ian Wells
On behalf of the development team