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SME 8 PXE Boot

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SME 8 PXE Boot
« on: May 25, 2012, 08:03:20 AM »
I have been doing tons of research, and I just lack the curve necessary to understand this concept in one night. So here is the overall question:

Is it possible to PXE boot BartPE (Windows XP SP3), and have it save all changes to the server?

What I want to do is create a public computer lab that would join the domain server (SME8) {This allows users to have access to any PC to be able to continue working}, while keeping any administrative changes to the OS. Essentially, any windows updates, antivirus installations, or program installation would stay with the TFTP image. I'm not sure if I am headed in the right direction, and wouldn't mind if you just pointed me to the right direction.
I have no necessity to make the client PC's headless, or diskless, but I want one central OS installation. If that installation could be windows, then I would like for the PXE clients to work the same as the other workstations in the domain. However, the most important thing is that there is ONE OS IMAGE. So any changes made to the image apply throughout the PC lab, or possibly, complete network.

As far as joining the domain, I would create a "guest" user to be able to log into the PC for general use.
SME 8.0
Quad 6600
8gb DDR2 800
Dual Gigabit NIC
I Still Don't KNOW WHAT I AM DOING. Please, don't assume I know anything about Linux or Centos, I just know hardware