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synchronising roaming profiles at logout

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synchronising roaming profiles at logout
« on: April 22, 2012, 02:58:51 PM »

I am testing the roaming profiles feature, and having a problem when users close sessions, during the "synchronising" phase. It fails to synchronize with the message:
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"Offline files (\\server\users on SME Server(server)): Unable to connect to '\\server\users.' The network name cannot be found."

The message stays for about 5 minutes and the session is finally closed.

The share \\server\users does not exist.
Name resolution works fine by both DNS an NetBIOS.
Tons of "PROPFIND /users HTTP/1.1" 405 231 "-" "Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/5.1.2600" in apache log

This is a stock 8Beta7 test machine, no ibays (except Primary), logon.bat untouched. "Roaming profiles" seems to work though. but I don't feel confident to enable this feature on the production server (and receive tons on phone call /support tickets).

During the logout sync attempt, samba log spits a lot of:
smbd[30886]: [2012/04/22 19:34:26.114277,  0] smbd/service.c:988(make_connection_snum)
smbd[30886]:   canonicalize_connect_path failed for service username, path /home/e-smith/files/users/username/home

Any idea is welcome.

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