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CRM users - XRMS?

CRM users - XRMS?
« on: April 19, 2012, 04:20:11 PM »
I am trying to decide on a CRM package and would be very interested to hear what others are using and liking.

We are a start-up and I am therefore attracted to the Opensource/free software, however, my main priority is to get the job done well.

I have looked at the following: OpenBravo, XRMS, Xaraya, vTiger, SugarCRM, dotProject, Egoagosys, tine20, civiCRM, EPESI, Interleave, eGroupware, xTuple, salesboom, SAP, OpenAtrium, creamCRM   .... some more Open/free than others (SAP springs to mind)!

The shortlist is:  XRMS, civiCRM, vTiger   ... have I missed any belters?

Here is a pre-2007 review of SugarCRM / vTiger / XRMS / info@hand(?)  (in German, sorry, but it does have little charts):

XRMS likes:
1) Looks and feels lightweight
2) Seems to do the pre-sales CRM well (campaign / lead / activity / conversion / sale). After sales seems much weaker IMHO.
3) There has been slow (described somewhere as 'glacial') development, but development nevertheless. It has staying power.
4) It is truly Opensource and free, with a good range of companies that will support it, if necessary.
5) it is server based - essential.

XRMS concerns:
5) XRMS has been around for a long time. Dates originally from the 1990's. Is this 'antiquated' or 'tried and tested'.
6) I don't know how well it will achieve Calendar Integration (for example, with sogo). How important is this? It looks as though it might have an iCal plug-in.
7) Lack of some desired features - social media integration, proximity searching, closer email integration
8) Data Migration doesn't seem easy (perhaps that is true of all CRM packages)

I would be interested to hear what other people are using and liking.