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SME Server 7.5 Release Candidate 1 Release Announcement

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SME Server 7.5 Release Candidate 1 Release Announcement
« on: March 08, 2010, 09:08:13 AM »
SME Server 7.5 Release Candidate 1 Release Announcement

March 7 2010

The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of
SME Server 7.5RC1. This release is based on CentOS 4.8.

This is only released for testing and not for production use.

The release should be obtained from your closest mirror, see

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised
in the bug tracker (and only there, please);


Please Note
It may take up to 48 hours for mirrors to finish syncing,
during this time you may experience problems.

About SME Server

SME Server is the leading Linux distribution for small and medium

SME Server is freely available under the GNU General Public License
and is only possible through the efforts of the SME Server community.
However, the availability and quality of SME Server is dependent on
meeting our expenses, such as hosting costs, server hardware, etc.

The development team would like to thank all of those involved in
this release. More people are required to help with
bug triage and verification testing.

This release contains many new features, all released updates for
SME Server 7.4 and fixes for many reported problems. Upgrades
will be available by CD, the Software Installer and command line.

- Always perform a backup prior to major system upgrades
- An upgrade will preserve the existing data

Changes in this release

This will be updated for 7.5 Final, here are the changelogs

- Add option to disable SSLv2 [SME: 5034]
- Add OpenOffice2 MIME Types [SME: 5112]
- Add OpenOffice MIME Types [SME: 4848]
- Add XML MIME Type [SME: 5035]
- Fix issues in patch that adds Microsoft Office 2007 MIME types [SME: 4548]
- Add Microsoft Office 2007 MIME types [SME: 4548]

- Fix full backup on Sunday displayed as Everyday. [SME: 5624]
- workstation backup: add cifs credentials expand to bootstrap-console-save [SME: 4850]
- workstation backup: using credentials file for cifs mount [SME: 4850]
- workstation backup: allow many backups in the same day [SME: 5393]
- workstation restore: all needed backups must be available before restore [SME: 5395]
- workstation verify: add option to check integrity of backups needed in a full restore [SME: 5396]
- minor fix in translation [SME: 5406]
- Fix DAR e-mail message with regards to incremental backups [SME: 4579]
- Fix discrepancy in maximum compression level [SME: 4841]

- Improve security by using SHA1 algorithm for certificate signing [SME: 5736]
- Bump certificate encryption from 1024 bits to 2048 bits [SME: 5734]
- Add a dummy call so xgettext can pull translated $ifName in console configuration pages [SME: 1189]
- Translate $ifName in console configuration pages [SME: 1189]
- Clean up stray symlinks in /lib/modules before depmod [SME: 5334]
- Allow for different mdadm output formats for DeviceSize. [SME: 5258]
- Auto-mount USB REV70-drive as usbdisk [SME: 5006]
- create service link for smartd [SME: 1445]
- Add patch to support multiple samba roles [SME: 4172]

- Update path for 64-bit compatibility [SME: 5755]

- Remove hiddenmenu entry from grub.conf [SME: 5166]

- Patch to make sure username is always saved in lowercase to horde db's [SME: 5627]
- Upgrade horde templates to reflect changes in Horde 3.3.6 [SME: 5721]
- Update to Spec file to obsolete smeserver-trean < 0.1-8 [SME: 4860]
- Patch to conf.php template to set a blank cookie domain so that FQDN and non-FQDN
- access to webmail will work. Remove klutz template from registry.php [SME: 4787]

- Move creation of chrooted dev/urandom to spec-file [SME: 1105]
- Create chroot dev/urandom for stunnel to use [SME: 1105]

- Updated templates to reflect changes in imp 4.3.6 [SME: 5722]
- Updated spec file to require php-pear-HTTP-Request to accomodate HTML composition [SME: 4821]

- Update e-smith-ingo templates to reflect changes in Ingo 1.2.3 [SME: 5724]

- Add patch (Federico Simoncelli) to prevent re-use of uids. [SME: 4969]
- Update path for 64-bit compatibility [SME: 5755]
- Add patch to support multiple samba roles [SME: 4172]

- display reconfigure warning once if UnsavedChanges=yes [SME: 5475]
- display reconfigure warning if UnsavedChanges=yes [SME: 2081]
- Fix misinterpretation of display string [SME: 5022]

- Rework log-error logic [SME: 4807]
- Fix log-error detection algorithm [SME: 4807]

- Fix another instance of ups model for new version of nut [SME: 4750]

- Template sshd login grace time, kept default at 600s [SME: 4903]

- SMTPSmartHost template incorrectly uses brackets to avoid MX lookups. [SME: 5455]
- smtproutes template incorrectly uses brackets to avoid MX lookups. [SME: 5254]
- Remove qmail-workaround and obsolete it after patch to treat as a
local ip [SME: 5171]

- Add registry file to server-resources to allow windows 7 to
join Samba 3.x domains [SME: 5423]
- Fix warnings in template expansion [SME: 4954]
- Fix migrate fragments for samba [SME: 4777]
- Fix oslevel fragment for server roles [SME: 4730]
- Add patch to support multiple samba roles [SME: 4172]

- Updated template files to reflect changes in Turba 2.3.3 [SME: 5723]
- Remove redundant 49turba_migrate_contacts template fragments [SME: 5148]
- Fix turba.sql patch to prevent creating a .orig file [SME: 4910]

- Updated to Horde 3.3.6 [SME: 5721]

- Updated to Imp 4.3.6 [SME: 5722]

- Update to Ingo 1.2.3 [SME: 5724]

- Reapply SME Server patches [SME: 2043]
- Exit with zero exit status for services not listed in configuration
database to avoid failures in post scriptlets [SME: 1653]
- Merge in SME Server /sbin/e-smith/service wrapper so that only
initscripts which exist in run-level 7 can be run. This ensures
that the supervised service is run, if one exists, and protects
against running "service httpd restart" [SME: 61, 1495]

- Use generated config file instead of just scanning [SME: 2192]
- Use mdassemble rather than raidautorun in initrd, so that we control
UUID to device mapping. [SME: 961, 1895]

- Add Scott Gifford patch to treat as a local ip [SME: 5171]

- Apply qpsmtpd git changesets to implement custom SPAM
subject prefix [SME: 5567]
- Update pre requires so scripts don't fail on install [SME: 5557]
- Rebase bad_rcptto patch to remove orig file [SME: 5549]
- Change logging in tls init to prevent warnings [SME: 5550]
- Only run/initialize plugins once [SME: 5533]
- Change spool dir permissions and owner to qpsmtpd:clamav
- Change log dir permissions and owner to smelog:smelog
- add sme specific patches
- Update to 0.83

From June 2009 smeserver-rkhunter was removed from smeos and made a contrib.

- Fix regular expression to actually replace the colon with a dot [SME: 4913]
- Undo changes made in 1.0.0-5 [SME: 4913]
- Properly fix output for usernames and groups containing a dot [SME: 4913]
- Remove comment lines from output of aliases [SME: 4913]
- Remove the leading path for yum in newrpms [SME: 5566]
- Revert changes made in [SME: 5416]
- Sort the output of the repositories audittool alphabetically [SME: 5416]

- Setup logrotate for /var/log/clamd/clamscan.log [SME: 5287]
- Remove create option from logrotate configuration [SME: 5287]
- Setup logrotate for /var/log/clamd/smeserver-clamscan.log [SME: 5287]
- Minor changelog fixes in version number
- Fix permissions on freshclam.conf file [SME: 5320]
- Add HeuristicScanPrecedence option, default disabled [SME: 4598]
- Obsolete e-smith-antivirus [SME: 4786]

- apply locale 2009-10-27 patch
- Add Thai language [SME: 5466]
- Add Polish language [SME: 5436]
- Add Romanian language [SME: 5268]
- Add Estonian language [SME: 5199]
- Add Chineese (China) language [SME: 5002]
- Add Norwegian (Bokmal) language [SME: 5002]
- Add Russian language [SME: 5002]

- Tie the template fragment into the event system to have it expand [SME: 5567]
- Add qpsmtpd template fragment for custom SPAM subject prefix [SME: 5567]
- Add hooks cleanout back in in so auth works.
- Add compatibility with qpsmtpd 0.83 [SME: 5543]
- Add tls to base config [SME: 1076]

- Fix invalid service name in sa-update [SME: 3304]

- Add support for Polish (pl). [SME: 5433]
- Add support for Thai (th). [SME: 5466]
- Add support for Romanian (ro). [SME: 5268]
- Obsoletes: rkhunter to remove from default install [SME: 5172]
- Add support for Estonian (et). [SME: 5203]
- Add support for Norwegian Bokmal (nb) [SME: 5002 ]
- Add support for Russian (ru) [SME: 5002]
- Add support for Chinese China (zh_CN) [SME: 5002]

- only unlink file if we created it [SME: 4169]
- set unsaved changes in yum event [SME: 2081]
- move yum warming to sme yum plugin [SME: 5472]
- ensure file exists before unlinking [SME: 4169]
- remove semicolons from yum plugin
- Add frequency of updates toggle [SME: 5473]
- remove stray file
- Add /etc/yum.smerepos.d to package [SME: 5306]
- Change SME mirrorlists to point to ibiblio [SME: 5242]
- Require mailx [SME: 5131]
- Add yum-protect-packages support to prevent removal of
needed pacakges [SME: 3133]

- Updated to Turba 2.3.3 [SME: 5723]

Ian Wells on behalf of the SME Server Development Team
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