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need help please : SME server 6.01

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need help please : SME server 6.01
« on: May 08, 2007, 10:18:46 AM »
my server is working   slow
i get 10 pc login to server
is begin to work good
 with the time 48 hours
is begin to work slow
i get more memory to 1024 m
the server is pc-3  700
l change all - cards in the pc network  ,swich
my pc is
4 -pc login in dos network
4 -pc login workgroup winxp
2 -pc login in win98
i work with print server in the sme-server
please help
give me tool to check my problem

is  nice -20 smbd ? ? is ok to server ?
my server is for smb
is not hot the pc server


l look to top is ok 89.6% idle  to 99%

ok l install new sme 7.1
Thanks all for helping
Skype yosii2009