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[ANNOUNCE] smeserver-trac contrib

Re: [ANNOUNCE] smeserver-trac contrib
« Reply #75 on: October 30, 2008, 05:51:43 AM »
access to bugzilla don't work today. so I put this here: I've been obliged to do a
because I had some errors when "applying changes" to my trac project.
Code: [Select]
chown www:www /home/e-smith/files/trac/asperprotect/conf/trac.ini
It may not be a good idea to change Owner to www from a network security standpoint, better to set only group www
and chmod to 664 group writable.

Code: [Select]
chown root:www /home/e-smith/files/trac/my_trac/conf/trac.ini
chmod 644 /home/e-smith/files/trac/my_trac/conf/trac.ini     # Group not writable
chmod 664 /home/e-smith/files/trac/my_trac/conf/trac.ini     # Group writable

Setting Owner to www will render group permissions ineffective.