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telnet to network


telnet to network
« on: August 04, 2006, 07:55:14 AM »
Hi all,

Have previously posted something similar but have not had any replies, so I'll try a different tack.

Old setup with a modified redhat 7.2 with ipsec.  Telnet port 23 and telnet services are NOT open nor on, on both firewall and proxy.  Route for network is added on the firewall to the proxy.  VPN to firewall, once established can use a telnet application to access machines behind the proxy.

Now I have installed sme 6.6
If I am on the sme server, I can trace route to network, all Ok goes to proxy then to the require machine and I can telnet to the machine behind the proxy.

Now we have sme 6.6 can connect via vpn but no telnet to the network or the server,  even if I enable telnet services I am unable to telnet antwhere.  

I was under the impression that once you established a vpn connection and you had a route to the appropriate network, your in.  Simple as previously, users connect then telnet to application, a very common connection mechanism for PC's to mainframes to run applications.