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After clean install - restore "Page cannot be displaye


After clean install - restore "Page cannot be displaye
« on: June 20, 2006, 11:39:00 PM »
I just replied to an posting I found in which after doing a clean install I try to do a restore and get a "page cannot be displayed" When I saw my posting, it was a reply on the Experienced User Forum which is prolly not the correct place for this question so I posting it here too:


I also have just experienced this problem.  I did a clean install and get above error using GUI interface on XP machine.  If I got direct to server and try a restore after you select the file name and hit enter nothing happens.

When this first happened I turned of Norton and any other program that may be interfering (although other functions work fine using ‘server-manager” feature). I kept getting this error.  I then went back to earlier backups and one of them worked 1 time only and would not allow be to do the latest version after the server rebooted (with the same settings on the XP machine).  I got my server up but it’s missing sever years of updates/ users/Ibays etc and hate to do it over again.

If no one pops up with a direct answer , Winrar will open the file I want to use.  Can I just copy the data in to the appropriate folders?