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Open-Xchange Administration


Open-Xchange Administration
« on: June 02, 2006, 03:26:19 AM »
Good Evening,

Ok, I've successfully installed Open-Xchange on SME 6.x and it works great. If I were to spend money on it and pay for all the bells and whistles, would I even be able to administrate it?

I would love to use Open-Xchange more. I'm looking at the server situation and I don't think that SME 7 will be ready to put into a production state so at this time, I'm stuck on SME 6. Does anyone have any answers regarding administration of Open-Xchange?

I'm attempting to install ATFrogs and/or OXAdm but haven't had any success as the default administration user is mailadmin. It states that a workaround for SME 7 is to just create a userid of mailadmin to administrate Open-Xchange, this doesn't work. I'm rambling here, I'm open to ideas.