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Horde can't send or recieve after restore


Horde can't send or recieve after restore
« on: April 26, 2006, 08:24:07 PM »
I would love some feedback on this if anyone has some insights.

The hard drive died, so I reinstalled SME 6.x on a new drive.  Restored the /home/e-smith/ folders successfully and added proper permissions:
chown -R user:user user on each userdir
chmod -R 755 userdir/* on each userdir

I also installed Yum and ran an update (because the updates were installed on the old drive).  
Users can login to Horde and read their email, but can't send or recieve (including internal email).

I noticed many of these in the logs

Maillog log file:
deferral: Uh-oh:_.qmail_has_file_delivery_but_has_x_bit_set.

imap log file:
imap(admin): Error: open(/home/e-smith/Maildir/cur/1131339305.12690.mailserver) failed: Permission denied

What have I done wrong?  As far as i can tell all the settings were restored.  

I have googled about everything i can think of including those errors.  Arg!!

Thanks much for any advice.