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PHP & File Upload

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« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2006, 05:30:15 PM »
Hi all

Regarding PHP uploads

Other then a website now working or error messages, however would a person determine if a PHP script could run on SME or determine if the permissions are corect

My topic is an online auction script which seemed to upload and install fine, I'm told to set permissions to cgi-bin to 755 and a few other folders to 777 , however when doing that the site does not work, however when setting the cgi-bin to 777 it appears to work well. Except uploading of a photo image

The site allows a new listing to be added and when you complete the listing the item number apperas in the category you desire, however no image and no actual item, just one more item in the category
Example: add item listed in category: computers. The image and process eems to complete and in the category of computers, there appears 1 more item listed, but when going to the category to review, there is no item listed ?

This script works on other servers just fine.
I'm sure it's something related to permissions, however I've even given 777 to all files related to the website etc.
I've uploaded cgi-bin files as asci and html folder as binary

Tried many things, but can't seem to get it working

So I'm not sure if this is the proper location of this post as it may relate to SME features or perhaps it could end up being something else like permissions or perhaps the script itself.

Assuming the script is working properly, which it may not be, how can I tell? I'm not sure where to start to diagnose this all I know is that it works on other servers and I'm having trouble on SME, which could also be permission settings or something.

Where would be a good place to start on this subject to diagnose my site?
Thanks all

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PHP & File Upload
« Reply #16 on: April 30, 2006, 07:07:47 PM »
This subject is getting off topic and should be moved to the contribs forum.  Every application is going to require different settings and that is why this subject can't be discussed and solved with a single (or set of) global parameters or settings.  SME is set up to allow the base to function and all other settings are set restrictive for security reasons.  To set the base perameters to allow ALL Web apps to work would be a security risk and against what SME is all about.

Here is what I suggest, start a thread in the contribs section for each app and include:

1-First and foremost What is the application called and a link to its website.
2-What type of application (PHP, CGI, HTML, Mixture, etc.)
3-What does the application do?
4-Your SPECIFIC problem.  Not things like "I can't upload" or "It doesn't work"

Another thing, some of the system logging has been turned down a notch or 2 to reduce log noise.  I don't know if this is the case with Apache, PHP, etc. but it seems it might be as a lot of people as stating that there are limited/no errors in the log files.  I do know that error logging can be increased on almost anything in the system to the point that it will log ALL information for de-bugging purposes.

Almost any web app will work on SME but it is up to you to determine exactly what needs to be tweaked.  I experiment 4 different apps and each one of them has required a different settings adjustment...They are not all the same so this web app issue can't be solved with a single "fix-all", that just wouldn't be prudent.

Agent86, you have now completely changed the scope of this discussion.  It started as PHP file uploading and you have now added CGI into the mix.  As you can see, this can't be solved in a single thread, it needs to be solved on a case by case basis.
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