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LDAP, company wide address book


LDAP, company wide address book
« on: April 17, 2006, 11:47:38 PM »
Hello All.  I have been using SME since 5.5 and I love it.  There is one thing SME does not have (to my knowledge!) that would be nice.  I'm posting on this list to get feedback on my wish/issue.

At my company there is no companywide address book that all can enter in customer/vendor information.  We CAN lookup each others Email addresses via the LDAP server provided with SME, but in a small company (70 or less) that is not much of a help.

Is there anyway to setup the LDAP server in SME to allow EVERYONE to make entries.  This would allow ALL SME users to build up a repository of custometr/vendor contact information.  Right now what we have is 20+ users, each with individual outlook address books (who can't share easily with each other), and 45+ SuSE linux users using Evolution (who also can't share easily with each other).  Is this just a fact of life, or am I missing something, or "should I install open-exchange" or what.

I'm wondering how other SME users (in a corporate environment) have solved this vexing problem.

Thanks for your input!

Chris Curtis