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backup 2 localhost

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backup 2 localhost
« on: March 27, 2006, 03:56:50 PM »
Before I send my server into a spin, I thought I might run this past some people that would have more of an idea.

I currently backup to my work station (using backup2ws), this means that my workstation needs to be left on for several hours, while the files are compressed then copied to my workstation. And if my workstation gets restarted then I have to start the process all over again.

What I'm wondering is, why can't I just use my server that is always on.

I'm thinkin...

What if I created a 911 backup just and put in the exception of one folder. That folder being a share where the backups would be stored. I then tell it to do a back up to that folder. Once the back up is complete all I would have to do is copy the files from there to my work station. This would be a lot faster concidering the time wasted on compression etc.

Is it possible I could send the machine into a constant loop where it would be backing up the files it was creating for a backup? Would this not be a problem if I just made this folder exculded from backup?