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SME Server 7 + VMware Server Quandary


SME Server 7 + VMware Server Quandary
« on: March 25, 2006, 05:27:09 AM »
I have a two new servers to configure immediately for customers.  My plans have been to deploy SME Server 7 along with VMware Server with Windows Server 2003 on top of that for Terminal Server functions, etc.

Now, it appears that my dilemma is that neither SME Server 7 nor VMware Server have exited rc/beta yet and I'm in an awful quandary.  I must have this done by the first of next week, but I am worried about using these packages if there are any very serious outstanding issues that are known.

What should I do?  Any thoughts or experiences with regards to these?  Also, aside from this, anyone with some solid experience setting up a similar scenario?

Or perhaps should I bow out and go with another linux distro that has some better track records with VMware Server at the moment?  I really would like to keep SME in the mix if at all possible as the foundation as I've had great success with everything from 5.x up through 6.5 betas with customers.