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Settings for smtpfront-qmail

Settings for smtpfront-qmail
« on: February 26, 2006, 08:24:50 PM »

My SME RC6.5 server receives email from non-existing domains or even any IP address can make HELO handshake with the mail server:

2006-02-26 19:45:07.298095500 smtpfront-qmail[14618]: HELO ltf119.chi.us.siteprotect.com
2006-02-26 19:45:07.451443500 smtpfront-qmail[14618]: MAIL FROM:<bounces@opportunity.com>
2006-02-26 19:45:07.601450500 smtpfront-qmail[14618]: RCPT TO:<bulbul@rmc.lt>
2006-02-26 19:45:07.601618500 smtpfront-qmail[14618]: 553 Sorry, that is an invalid e-mail address
2006-02-26 19:45:07.751831500 smtpfront-qmail[14618]: bytes in: 104 bytes out: 135

Public POP3 server access is set to POP3 and POP3S and SMTP Authentication is set for SSMTP.
I tryed to create additional entries to badhelo template and that worked.

2006-02-26 17:58:24.832997500 smtpfront-qmail[13513]: HELO
2006-02-26 17:58:24.833103500 smtpfront-qmail[13513]: 553 Sorry, I don't believe that is who you are.
2006-02-26 17:58:24.833247500 smtpfront-qmail[13513]: bytes in: 19 bytes out: 83
2006-02-26 18:00:42.599579500 smtpfront-qmail[13559]: EHLO smtp02.omnitel.sun
2006-02-26 18:00:42.599685500 smtpfront-qmail[13559]: 553 Sorry, I don't believe that is who you are.

Are any greylists for bad domains and IP addresses, which I could enter to the badhelo template or I have adjust server smtpfront-qmail settings, o do I need to install any additional rpms.