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SME 7.x phpmyadmin for mysql

SME 7.x phpmyadmin for mysql
« on: February 16, 2006, 04:52:11 PM »
Here's info on installing phpmyadmin SME 7pre1.

Probablly will fly on newer versions however I have tested it only on 7pre1.

SME7 Contribs Right Here

Development button aka Wiki to the left..

phpmyadmin for mysql is working on 7pre1.

Also if you get a pkg working please add it to the Wiki link above and
standardize the headings ie.

SME 7.x
SME 6.x
SME 5.x

So when a search is done on "SME 7.x" eveything associated will be returned and be sure to include the version of SME you tested on and
the date in your post for clarity and any warnings/notes you may have.

Now that the forum is reorg'd thing's should improve around here....FINALLY..!!