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« on: August 31, 2004, 02:10:29 AM »
Has anyone looked at http://Http://www.open-xchange.org.

A new version has just been released and is anyone interested in getting it going on SMEServer v6.X.



« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2004, 11:00:30 AM »
Thank you for the information, was not aware of this product, and looking at the fact that Novell has placed in to their distribution of Novell SUSE Linux server, it looks to be promissing.


Tino Fourie


« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2004, 06:24:53 PM »
Hey, I found this howto on Google:

"OpenXchange on Debian Sarge How-to"


It has some links to rpm/bin files that I think apply to SME 6.0.1.



« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2004, 09:01:12 AM »
Looks great! Love to see i work on E-smith. If someone has is working please let us know!

Arjan  :-D


ok i'm working on it !!!!!
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2004, 01:33:22 PM »
if anybody have more information i'm working on opeXchange to place them in RPM....



« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2004, 03:17:04 PM »

I know Suse has the iSLOX connector that integrates into the commercial version of OpenExchange for sync with MicroSoft Outlook. We have used it and it works great.

I have had a look at www.open-xchange.org for a similar plugin but couldn't find one.

If your at the point of testing vinc28, could you try out this plugin from Suse. It might not work, but it would be worth a try.


« Reply #6 on: September 09, 2004, 07:40:16 AM »
Wondering if you are having any luck with this project. It looks very interesting. Is there anything I may be able to do to help?

If you think you know whats going on, you obviously have no idea whats going on!

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I have a spare server
« Reply #7 on: September 09, 2004, 09:19:33 PM »

I´m here to help too... I have a spare server... totally available to reformat... I´m testing several contribs on it... I´m running 6.01-01 right now ...
* SpamAssassin
* Clamav (3!!)
* SMTP authenticated (working!)
(others I don´t remember right now!)

« Reply #8 on: September 10, 2004, 04:57:41 AM »
Hi all,

Thanks for your replies.

Have looked at open-exchange and it will require a lot of work to get running on SMEServer.

This is something that could be made a part of SMEServer 7.0 as there are talks of using Centos 3.0 as a base for a new version of SMEServer.

I am still willing to try on SMEServer v6.0-1.



so close to work
« Reply #9 on: September 18, 2004, 05:35:24 PM »
ok i have been packaged for:
postgresql --->ok
java and tomcat -->ok
the special opnldap version -->ok
openxchange -->90% effected.

now i try to convert the old ldap database to the new system on openxchange

i made all rpms's for this.
maybe in my site monday.


« Reply #10 on: September 22, 2004, 10:51:18 AM »
Any updates on this yet? Am very eager to try it out when it is done.


« Reply #11 on: October 13, 2004, 01:48:40 PM »
Hello all.
Are there any news about getting open-xchange running on a SME 6.0.1 machine? I am trying this at the moment and got a lot of problems. ;(.
Is there anyone who may post a list of the rpms i have to install for open-xchange?
Another problem for me is where to copy the login.pl that i can access from a browser?
Copy it to /var/www/cgi-bin or create a Ibay and copy in ../ibayname/cgi-bin?

plz help anyone  :-?

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« Reply #12 on: October 13, 2004, 05:28:00 PM »
I think you should create an ibay and put scripts on cgi-bin dir!

I´m looking forward OpenExchange too... watching this topic very close!! :)


« Reply #13 on: October 14, 2004, 09:37:06 AM »
thank you a lot Jader although i solved this problem after a few minutes :).
hm now i ve got other problems at installing it:
I ve looked at the howto for Redhat9
( http://sietse.net/exoops/modules/OpenXchange/ )
According to this i ve installed:

I can run:
<./configure --prefix=$OX_INSTALL \
<--with-mailjar=/usr/share/java/javamail.jar \
<--with-activationjar=/usr/share/java/activation.jar \
<--with-xercesjar=/usr/share/java/xerces.jar \
<--with-jsdkjar=/usr/share/java/serletapi3.jar \
without getting any errors. Then 'make' and 'make install'..no errors. But if i copy the 'login.pl' in the accessible /cgi-bin directory i get a 'internal server error' what indicates that there are some Perl-module missing... so far so bad ;(.
Is there anyone who got a list of perl-modules that i need or any other ideas?
i am working further on it ..

ps: sry for my english :) .. not my first language.

« Reply #14 on: October 14, 2004, 01:27:54 PM »
See http://www.linux-tip.net/cms/workshop/ox/OX_Installation_mdk92.pdf

This is for Mandrake but the fundemaentals are the same.

These are required:

perl-Convert-ASN1-0.16-4 (not concert as in the pdf above)

A Google or Cpan search should turn up any you don't have.



« Reply #15 on: November 07, 2004, 06:38:47 PM »

I would like to know if anyone on this thread has any new information with regard to getting openexchange (the open-source version) to work with SME.

Also, is anyone working on a "how-to" for this same topic? I am new to SME, but somewhat familiar with *nix and would like to help in this matter where I can.



« Reply #16 on: November 24, 2004, 02:48:35 PM »
Hi .. I ve gone to Egroupware ( www.egroupware.org ).
Its really a lot of work to install OpenXchange on SME. You need
-postgres and more ...
Egroupware is much easier to install and has nearly the same features.
You only have to create an Ibay and copy the files to the html-folder. The developers are working at a Outlook-Synchronisation-tool, and the best is .. all for free.


« Reply #17 on: December 02, 2004, 03:03:50 AM »
Just wanted to get the ball rolling.

Sounded like someone got really close...did it start working after the PEAR updates?

Would love a step by step...I'm going to give it a shot as well.  I'll try to take notes.

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« Reply #18 on: December 07, 2004, 02:08:23 PM »
some news about SME and get open-exchange to work?

Offline Peter

« Reply #19 on: December 07, 2004, 02:20:06 PM »
Did anybody get egroupware to work in SME 6.1 ?


open xchange
« Reply #20 on: December 07, 2004, 09:50:52 PM »
I finally managed to follow the howtos on the ox site and got it to work on Fedora Core 1.

I'm going to give it a go on SME over Christmas, now that I've been through a learning curve on a redhat disto.

If it works I'll post back, but if SME needs any customisation to make it work I'm probably not good enough to do it.

Lets see



« Reply #21 on: December 09, 2004, 11:49:03 AM »
@Peter: Yes i got egroupware working with all its features. What is your problem with it? I think compared to Openxchange it is very easy to install.


Offline Peter

« Reply #22 on: December 11, 2004, 08:12:25 PM »
HI Michael

I am away from the office at the moment so will contact you on return

Peter :hammer:


« Reply #23 on: January 13, 2005, 02:28:43 PM »
Has anyone had any success in getting OpenExchange working with SME Server?

Otherwise, can anyone comment on the differences between OE and OpenGroupWare or eGroupWare? I don't care as much for the Outlook connector as I run Linux at home.



« Reply #24 on: January 14, 2005, 07:45:41 AM »
HI All,

I'm another one who is closely watching this one. Probably not good enough to do any of the configuration work, but could help out with testing it on my SME6.x box. I hope you can get it to work and put up a HOWTO as OpenExchange looks much more mature than many of the other offerings I have researched/tried. It is not just web based either, which is good. I think this would be a very, very popular contrib to put together.

Keep posting progress!


« Reply #25 on: January 15, 2005, 01:04:09 AM »
I too am very keen to see this succeed. We're business partners with SuSE and have used the OpenXchange-based SLOX for some time. To have it as an SME contrib would REALLY turn things around. Keen Keen Keen!