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SMEServer6.0.1-01 ISO available at contribs.org


SMEServer6.0.1-01 ISO available at contribs.org
« on: March 17, 2004, 06:25:18 PM »
We have just released the first contribs.org ISO of SME Server V6.0.1-01    It contains bug fixes and reflects a new community branding of the distro.

Release notes:

Distribution: SME Server, contribs.org release
Version: 6.0.1-01
Nickname: takeoff
Released by: http://contribs.org


SME Server 6.0.1-01 (aka takeoff) is the first community release of the former e-smith server distribution. This release contains mostly bugfixes and changes in appearence. We advise you to update your current e-smith servers with 'takeoff' from 5.5 and up. If you are using earlier versions of the e-smith distribution (e.g. prior to e-smith 5.5) please upgrade to version 5.6 prior to upgrading to 'takeoff'. For community support, please visit http://contribs.org.


Changelog is on the mirror sites

- Use of this software is totally at your own risk - If you choose to use this software it is provided "as is", with no warranties or support whatsoever.  Contribs.org, it's owners, operators, and affiliated parties will can not be responsible for any damages due to the installation or use of this software.

This is open source software.  If you have comments we're glad to hear them.  Please use the appropriate forums and lists.  If you think you know a better way you are welcome to voice your opinion or do it yourself, or both.  However you see fit.
- Use of this software is totally at your own risk -

The ISO, RPMS and SRPMS can be downloaded from our mirror at Ibiblio and we will publish other mirror locations shortly.



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