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512->5.6 upgrade: New Mail indicator differences


512->5.6 upgrade: New Mail indicator differences
« on: July 08, 2003, 07:39:47 AM »
I upgraded last month from 512 to 56, I believe successfully, but I seem to have some strange changes to my IMAP mail with respect to New Mail notifications.

The problem is that I do not get proper New Mail counts in any of my user accounts and, apparently, regardless of my mail reader being used.

Typically I will sign on in the morning and my INBOX or my folders that have procmail redirecting will indicate X and Y new messages, as per the previsou session. I click SEND/RECEIVE in Outhouse Express and no change to the NEw Mail counts. When I actually click on the INBOX or folder that I know have UNREAD messages accumulated the messages show up as X+new and Y+new. Depending on the mail reader, the message counts in the folder summary then immediately reflect the proper New Mail counts (or in the case of SquirrelMail I do a Refresh and there they are showing the new and accurate values).

Is there something I need to change in Outook Express & the webmail to get these new message counters working proactively like they did in 512?

Are my procmail recipes the cuplrit? Here is a snippet of how I'm funneling mail from a particular client into a predefined client named subfolder:
# *** File mail from ABCXYZ with Usage in title into subfolder ***
* ^From.*abcxyz
* ^Subject:.*usage
$MAILDIR/ABCXYX/cur    (where $MAILDIR is $HOME/Mail)

I'm thinking this is a configuration issue rather then a bug.

Thanks in advance to any pointers for me to followup on!