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« on: November 21, 2002, 11:48:54 PM »

This is a long shot, but I regularly search these forums for issues that I'm interested in. Many times I find _very_ extensive answers and find myself being overwelmed with directions and/or solutions.

On the other hand _many_ times, answers given as replies on requests (read: I need help!) are not folowed up with a confirmation wether it worked or not (or helped). So that means many threads end up 'unanswered'.

That is annoying for me (and I presume many others) asking ourselfs 'did it work or not'.....

I know these forums are not ment to be a knowledgebase as such, but for many it is. So.... (please regards this post as a feature request too, so I'm not being flamed for cross posting ;-) )

A kind request to post the results of _any_ result you get from using response from these forums...

[ I'm not!! in title to speak for any of the forum users nor for Mitel, this is just a kind request from a forum user, for I feel there are many answers/hints/tips without confirmation]

excuse me for consuming a few bytes and drawing your attention to a 'strange' topic. Please ignore this thread if you don't like it.


ps. If you feel the same way (or not ;-) ) please comment.

Kees Blokland

Re: 'foriquette'
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2002, 01:17:27 AM »

You are right. There are many of these instances.
I consider the best examples of these 'answer to my problems' the HOWTO-do somethings.

Which means, it would be great if someone finds a solution to a problem (problem being anything) he/she would write a short HOW_I_FIXED_THIS or just summarizes some of the steps.

Saying this, I know how hard it is to do that consistantly. Not many people have the dicipline to actually do the paperwork after they fixed the problem. (me being the biggest offender here!)

But for what it is worth, I'm going to think about this for a bit, because I too loose too many valuable hours, looking for answers to things I should know, because someone already invented what I look for.


Bill Talcott

Re: 'foriquette'
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2002, 06:24:09 PM »
I agree. Even if I figure the problem out myself, I like to post it, because it's quite likely that someone else out there has or will have the problem at some time. That's also why I started doing my own HowTo writeups. It can get hard to find an old thread that does have the answer, once you get 50 other posts asking the same thing.

I can't guarantee that I'll get it done right away, but if you send me the steps of a HowTo, I'll try to get it HTML-ed for you (see http://www.chrouch.com/e-smith/ for examples).

That being said, posters should provide as clear a description of the problem. A lot of people don't have time to read every single post, so "HELP ME PLZ KTHZX!!!!111" isn't the best way to get results. If it's titled "Can't receive mail to virtual domain from outside server" you're more likely to catch the eye of someone who's done a lot of work with virtual domains or email problems. The more you help others by accurately describing your setup and issue, the more they can help you fix the problem.