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Richard Loy

« on: October 16, 2002, 06:12:46 AM »

I am the System Administrator for my company email and network
systems.  We have e-smith 4.1.2 installed.  Of late, we have been receiving emails addressed correctly
to persons in the company but ending up with the me, the
administrator.  Upon compiling the message headers of such mails, the
following common points were observed:

a.   Some strange characters are added to the receipient address:
"rfc822^x3babc@mydomain.com" (see No. 12 below)
b.   These messages go through a messaging server "iPlanet Messaging
Server..." (see point 17 and 18)
c.   The receipient of the message is always changed to
"rfc822;abc@mydomain.com" (see No. 26 below)

The following is a typical header of such mail (for this troubleshooting purpose, I have changed the actual receipient's email address  to 'abc@mydomain.com'):

1.   Return-Path:
2.   Delivered-To: administrator@server.mydomain.com
3.   Received: (qmail 28788 invoked by alias); 4 Oct 2002 13:20:13 -0000
4.   Delivered-To: alias-localdelivery-administrator@mydomain.com
5.   Received: (qmail 28785 invoked by uid 101); 4 Oct 2002 13:20:13
6.   Delivered-To: admin@server.mydomain.com
7.   Received: (qmail 28783 invoked by alias); 4 Oct 2002 13:20:13 -0000
8.   Delivered-To: alias-localdelivery-admin@mydomain.com
9.   Received: (qmail 28780 invoked by alias); 4 Oct 2002 13:20:13 -0000
10.   Delivered-To: rfc822^x3babc@server.mydomain.com
11.   Received: (qmail 28777 invoked by alias); 4 Oct 2002 13:20:13
12.   Delivered-To: alias-localdelivery-rfc822^x3babc@mydomain.com
13.   Received: (qmail 28774 invoked by uid 8); 4 Oct 2002 13:20:13
14.   Received: from localhost (
   by localhost with SMTP id smtpdIREauJ; Fri, 04 Oct 2002 09:20:05 EDT
15.   Received: from
   by localhost with POP3 (fetchmail-5.5.0)
   for rfc822;abc@mydomain.com (multi-drop); Fri, 04 Oct 2002 21:20:03
+0800 (SGT)
16.   Received: from mekong1.greendot.com.sg ([]) by
mydomain.com ; Fri, 04 Oct 2002    20:58:43 +0800 GMT
17.   Received: from conversion-daemon.mekong1.greendot.com.sg by
    (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.0 Patch 2 (built Dec 14 2000))
    id <0H3G00L01K840R@mekong1.greendot.com.sg> for abc@mydomain.com;
    04 Oct 2002 21:15:02 +0800 (SGT)
18.   Received: from margarita1.gd.com.sg (margarita1.gd.com.sg
   by mekong1.greendot.com.sg
    (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.0 Patch 2 (built Dec 14 2000))
    with ESMTP id <0H3G00LM7KIQ0E@mekong1.greendot.com.sg> for
    abc@mydomain.com; Fri, 04 Oct 2002 21:09:34 +0800 (SGT)
   Received: from sms ([])
    by margarita3.gd.com.sg (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.0 Patch 2 (built
Dec 14
    2000)) with ESMTP id <0H3G00FFSK7XQ6@margarita3.gd.com.sg> for
    abc@mydomain.com; Fri, 04 Oct 2002 21:02:22 +0800 (SGT)
   Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 21:03:53 +0800 (CST)
19.   From: "The Editor of MIW.COM.SG"
20.   Subject: Are you the winner of the Compact Presario Desktop PC
Model 3612?
21.   To: abc@mydomain.com
22.   Message-id: <32607625.1033736634015.JavaMail.root@sms>
23.   MIME-version: 1.0
24.   Content-type: text/html
25.   Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable
26.   X-Rcpt-To: rfc822;abc@mydomain.com
27.   X-DPOP: Version number supressed
28.   X-UIDL: 1033736447.136294
29.   Status: U

Mails from other domains not using the iPlanet Messaging
Server/Service are received normally.

I hope someone can provide me with some clues as to what's going on
and how I can resolve the problem.

Thank you.
Richard L.


« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2002, 07:23:00 PM »
In my experience, multidrop is a big pain.  When I started my current job, they were using a multidrop set-up.  Mailing Lists were the biggest problem--they would rarely make it to the intended person.  The multi-drop could never figure out who the actual intended email address was, so it would go to me.  I would look through the email headers and figure out who it went to and forward it to them--that didn't last long though.  I had a talk with the ISP and got it changed.  This was a linux box(Teaminternet), not e-smith.  It sounds like a similiar problem.  The problem stems from mailing lists(and other services) that try to hide the destination address so everyone on the list doesn't see everyone else in the To: field.  Now that I think of it, we also had a problem with BCC(blind carbon copy) messages with the multi-drop.  Maybe someone here knows how to tweak multi-drop?

Richard Loy

« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2002, 04:31:46 AM »
Hi Nate,

If you are using e-smith 4.1.2, the web manager will allow you to sort multi-drop header.  By default, it goes to 'To'.  In my case, I define it to 'X-Rcpt-To' and all bcc receipients are able to receive their mails.  That's where my headache is.  If I switch the sorting to 'To', I will be able to resolve my 'rfc822' problem as this prefix is added only to the 'X-Rcpt-To' header, but I would have your type of problem where bcc  or mailing list receipients do not receive their mails.  If you are not using e-smith, then try to find out how to sort the multi-drop header.  Wish I can write a script to detect if 'X-Rcpt-To' has a 'rfc822' prefixed, then header sorting for that mail should sort according to 'To'.

Richard Loy