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"make" command questions? I need help fast.


"make" command questions? I need help fast.
« on: November 01, 2001, 04:57:30 AM »
I need some really big help.

I am trying to install something on my E-Smith SME V5 Upgrade2 server and I can't seem to get some commands working. I am really new to the E-Smith thing and somewhat new to Linux although I have been playing with since RH 6.0 came out.

Well on to the problem-->

When I type

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

which is part of an installation I am doing to a server. it comes up with errors when I type the "make" command. How would I install or make the files so I can use the service.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


Re: "make" command questions? I need help fast.
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2001, 08:12:13 AM »
Compiler tools aren't installed.  You'll have to use your Red Hat machine (or a Red Hat compatible distro) or get a binary RPM package of whatever it is that your wanting to install.