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email forwarding

A.Scott Pringle

email forwarding
« on: October 26, 2001, 01:54:28 AM »
Hi All

I am having a problem forwarding mail from one domain to another.
I have 2 e-smith servers
they are at sperate locations
we also have a website hosted elsewhere on ourdomainname.com

one e-smith box is using ourdomainname.com for email
one is using the ispdomainname.com for mail

the problem I am having is when mail is sent from anyone outside our 2 offices to the 2nd office.
this site has email addresses user1@ourdomainname.com user2@ourdomainname.com etc this is forwarded to anotheruser1@ispdomainname.com anotheruser2@ispdomainname.com etc

all email sent to these users @ ispdomainname.com is aliased to one username e.g. masteruser@ispdomainname.com, for multidrop pickup, this works fine if sent to user1@ispdomainname.com or user2@ispdomainname.com etc

if mail is forwarded to site 2 by e-smith box at site 1 it works fine.

It is only mail forwarded by the hosting provider that is causing the problem.

I do not wish to setup a virtual domain on site2.

the e-smith box at site 1 is not always online.

Is their a simple way to check incoming mail on site 2 that goes to admin and forward it to a certain users account depending on the address it is sent to?

i.e. username@domain1.com to user1
username2@domain2.net to user4

a sort of filter or is it a relay?

any help anyone could give would be great.

hope to hear from you soon
A.Scott Pringle